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  • Roy Ho


    This is not a WooCommerce issue but one with your theme. Your theme is trying to call a class that is not found. That is a custom class from your theme. I suggest you ask your theme developer about this.


    This is directed to splashingpixels.

    I am using your MiO theme and am getting a similar error.

    Fatal error: Class ‘SP_WooCommerce_Widget_Cart’ not found in /home/content/92/10217192/html/withussone/wp-includes/widgets.php on line 324

    Any help, please?

    Thank you (:

    Roy Ho


    @hwaitaeng – simple, update your theme for 2.0 compatibility! And in the future please do not post other themes support question here. Post it to the theme’s support forum.

    Same problem here with the splashingpixels. What is the step by step process to fix the problem? I can’t login to my WP anymore. Where is the splashingpixels forum?

    Roy Ho


    If you can’t login, it would mean you updated WooCommerce to 2.0 before you updated the theme to 2.0 to be compatible.

    It depends on if you purchased a theme or not. If you did, you already have access via your member dashboard if not, you need to sign up.

    I purchased the theme. The problem I can’t access the WP anymore to update the updated theme.

    Roy Ho


    No worries, Please visit the proper support forum and we’ll help you there.

    Here’s a quick fix if anyone gets the above problem..

    Using your favourite FTP app.. (mine is filezilla)

    1) Browse in the left panel and find an old ‘plugins/woocommerce’ directory from a recent backup (pre update to have the old version of the woocommerce plug-in in..)

    2) FTP into your site, go to:


    3) Delete the woocommerce directory – may take a mo..

    4) Upload your old woocommerce directory into the plugins folder and..

    Now you can log-in to your admin, go plug-ins and reactivate your woocommerce plug-in – Website back up!

    If your current theme will not take the woocommerce update, then don’t update!

    Note, if you don’t have an old copy of the woocommerce plugin folder, you can still delete the folder via FTP which will then at least allow you to log-in to your wordpress site, change the ‘appearance/themes’ to a compatible one and then add the new version directly from your site in the plugins/add new

    Good luck

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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