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    Yesterdays update to the Widgets bundle is causing a fatal error in the Page Builder plugin.

    I recieve this when going to my site

    Fatal error: ob_start(): Cannot use output buffering in output buffering display handlers in /[narf]/public_html/_sites/ on line 57

    Deactivating the Page Builder raises this error.

    Fatal error: ob_start(): Cannot use output buffering in output buffering display handlers in /[narf]/public_html/_sites/ on line 39

    Deactivating the Widgets bundle raises the original error with Page Builder.

    The Admin Dashboard is unaffected mercifully.

    I’m still working through the usual activating/deactivating mumbo jumbo but amd not having any luck. Thoughts?


    VC Nickels

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  • Plugin Author Andrew Misplon


    Hi VC

    Sorry for the hassle. Yesterday’s update was a big one. We’re looking into this now, will report back ASAP.

    Thanks Andrew.

    I submitted a ticket through the site as well, two actually because I left information out. I wasn’t sure how frequently you all check WP’s forums but figured someone else may have encountered the bug as well and had a better idea.

    Will rolling back to the previous version “fix” the issue without making more problems?



    Plugin Author Andrew Misplon


    It would be we’d so appreciate your help, even if it’s just briefly. I’ve replied via email. I’ll update this topic with the results so anyone reading later won’t be in the dark.


    I got your email but I have to leave (other, unrelated, fires burn, lol) so if roll back will work I’ll try that.

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    Plugin Author Andrew Misplon


    No worries, thanks for letting me know. Yes, rolling back will work. is a nice way of doing that.


    Rolling back the Widgets Bundle isn’t working. Same error.

    Plugin Author Andrew Misplon


    Please, can you try a conflict test?

    1. If you’re using a caching plugin, clear it.
    2. Temporarily deactivate all plugins except for Page Builder and Widgets Bundle. Does the issue persist?

    Working on that now… ahh, the joys of WordPress. hah

    Side note – Wasn’t the new version of WP supposed to do something about this, or is that part of 5?

    Plugin Author Andrew Misplon


    It’s possible this is related to caching and or memory but let’s run this test first. Should just take a moment.

    Not sure about error reporting etc. in 5.0.

    … so… Not a caching plugin.

    The culprit is my SEO plugin, SmartCrawl from WPMU Dev.

    The update now works, of course… gah.

    Plugin Author Andrew Misplon


    That’s progress. I don’t immediately see an error when activating SmartCrawl, Page Builder and the Widgets Bundle. Does the issue persist if you activate only SmartCrawl, Page Builder and the Widgets Bundle and leave all other plugins deactivated?

    I’m going to save that for later.

    I do know that when I disabled everything, save for Builder and Widgets, and added everything back one by one leaving caching for the dead last, the second I activated SmartCrawl it went boing. There were a few others before it though so I’m sure there’s more to it but the site works so I’m happy for the moment. I’ll look deeper into it and pester WPMU Dev about it.

    I find SEO to be Black Magic anyway though and have been debating about getting rid of SmartCrawl. I run a small local site for a small business that doesn’t advertise so it’s unneeded overhead.

    Plugin Author Andrew Misplon


    Super, thanks for the feedback, that makes perfect sense. If you wanted, the last step would be to deactivate everything and test with only the SEO plugin and SiteOrigin plugins, that’ll rule out any other influences.

    We’re here if you need any further help or if you’d like to investigate this further.

    All the best 🙂

    Thanks a lot!

    My guess is that something, a piece of shortcode maybe, got stuck in SmartCrawl’s output. I like WPMU Dev, especially the community, but sometimes their plugins are “quirky”, this one in particular. Not the first ticket I will have filed on it. lol


    Plugin Author Andrew Misplon


    Thanks for the further input, it’s most appreciated.

    Chat soon, cheers 🙂

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