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  • So I get this message, can’t access my website.

    At first the problem was that the file was missing, I don’t know how since I didn’t touch it, so I downloaded wordpress and put the file back in.

    EDIT: It’s in the wp-includes folder

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  • I’m having the same problem, except on line 38. This line happens to be:

    class WP_Http {

    Probably a plugin is including this file twice and thereby causing the error. Try these instructions to disable all of your plugins, and then you can re-activate them one-by-one to discover the culprit.

    I have the same issue:

    Fatal error: Cannot redeclare class wp_http in /xxxxxx/wp-includes/class-http.php on line 38

    This error is returned while trying to display pages and for administation pages as well.
    I’ve tryied mentioned hint with plugins but it did not help 🙁

    This error had occured after switch to new WP v3.0 🙁

    yes same here i had this error after upgrading to new v.3.0
    any help would be appreciated

    I have also just had this error after upgrading to 3.0. I disabled all plugins before I updated so it’s definitely not that. Any help would be amazing. My error also shows line 38.

    Same here, line 38, no access to page, no access to admin. 🙁

    Same exact problem and I have absolutely NO idea how to recover from this. If I would have known this would happened I would never had upgraded to 3.0 Now my webpage won’t load and I can’t figure out how to log in to fix the problem.



    I had the same problem, and I fixed it by manually downloading WordPress 3, and then uploading the new version of http.php which is in the folder /wp-includes. The older version defines the class WP_Http (hence the “redeclare”), but the new version does not.

    Hope that helps!



    ericadecker – where was the old one, if not in the wp-includes folder?



    Both the older and newer versions of http.php are in wp-includes, but the code changed to not define the class WP_Http, since it is defined in the new file class-http.php (which was not included in previous WP installs). So in my case, I updated and got the new class-http.php file, but my http.php file did not update…so I did it manually.



    When you say you manually downloaded WordPress 3, I assume you mean on your local machine. I did that. Do I now have to FTP the http.php file to my wp-includes folder on to my host?

    I’m a big time rookie using Word Press so if I sound stupid, it’s because I am.



    Mine wasn’t plugins and I directly ftp’d the http.php files to no avail. I went back to an earlier version of WP and it’s back up. If anyone figures this out….



    texas_smoke69, Yes, you should use an FTP host to manually put the updated version of http.php in the wp-includes folder on your server. FileZilla is free and a decent FTP client.

    zncjmom, that should take care of the duplicate declarations, but in my case I had a lot of files that didn’t fully update, so I received one “redeclared” or “undeclared” error after another, and manually updated my files until there were no other errors. I read that the WP automatic updates don’t always fully work, depending on your plugins and themes.



    zncjmom….. how did you revert back to the earlier version of wordpress? I’ve manually uploaded all of the files for 3.0 and still can’t get my website working.



    I have loaded wordpress 3.0 directly onto the server and I can rebuild my site (I think), but the domain name will change to:

    I do not want that to happen. It needs to STAY

    I can’t get into my original wp-admin or can’t figure out how to.

    I wish I understood how Worpress works with the files on the host ( I’m beginning to think I’ll need to completely kill everything on the host and start from scratch.

    I’m obviously way over my head on this.

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