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  • When I try to import posts/settings from my other wordpress-blog (XML file) I get this error:
    Fatal error: Cannot redeclare add_cssclass() (previously declared in /[…]/wp-admin/menu.php:228) in /srv/disk2/[…]/wp-admin/menu.php on line 228
    Does anayone knows what this means/how to solve this?

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  • I’m getting a very similar error, when I click on the “WordPress” option on Tools->Import:
    Fatal error: Cannot redeclare add_cssclass() (previously declared in ../wp-admin/menu.php:230) in ../wp-admin/menu.php on line 233

    I’m trying to import a Blogger FTP blog to a new install of WordPress.
    I am not running any plug-ins; before I kept just getting a totally blank screen after clicking an import option, so maybe this is a step up?


    What version of PHP is the server running? Can you get access to the Apache access/error logs?

    Specifically, it sounds as though you never even get to the stage where you’d be prompted for your Blogger credentials — true?


    That’s right–I can see all the options for Import (Blogger, Blogroll, etc.) but when I click on them I’m just getting a white screen with an error message.

    Earlier, I had been getting just a totally blank screen. Before that, the only other change to the config file I’d made from default was the table_prefix, so I switched that back to “wp_”, saved the config file, and tried again.

    Since I was using the FTP Blogger, I was going to try exporting and then using to convert the XML to a WP file, then import as WP. That way I didn’t have to bother using the method. However, since I’m not getting anything on either the Blogger or WP import option, I’m not sure what the next step is.

    I can SSH into the server, but only into my own directory; I don’t have root access or anything. It’s a server run by a friend of mine so I can probably get access to things but it’ll take a while to get a response from him.

    Thanks for any help you can provide! I appreciate it. Been using Blogger for 8 years now, so I was reluctant to change.

    Usually when you get a silent die(), it’s due to a PHP timeout or exhausting of memory. Can you create a file called phpinfo.php in one of the directories (doesn’t matter which one) and place the following php inside of it:


    Copy down the relevant info (PHP version, etc.) and then delete the file after you’ve gotten it, as it’s not a great idea to leave that sort of info lying around. *grin*

    Hi, ZaMoose,
    I’ve got:
    PHP Version 5.2.13

    Anything else that I need from this page?


    I Tweeted this just now, but in case you check here before there:

    Known issue, apparently. @nacin, etc. are working on a fix.

    Looks like the fix is in for 2.9 AND trunk:

    You should be good to go.

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