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  • Recently my site has been hacked by “teamr00t”. They’ve deleted everything from my site, but i have a backup, and returned everything like the day before happened this. Everything appear to be normal, but one thing, me and my colege, can’t log in to /wp-admin/. it appears this error Fatal error: Call to undefined method wpdb::get_charset_collate

    I’ve tried by removing all of my pluggins, but stil with no result

    Any suggestions?

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  • It should be showing line number and file.

    Download the latest copy of WordPress in zip format

    unzip the files onto your harddrive in a directory

    FTP into your site

    delete the /wp-admin and /wp-includes directories

    ftp over that fresh copy of WordPress having it recreate those directories you deleted

    … do NOT delete the /wp-content directory and verify that all the .php files in the root installation are the ones used for wordpress and not have any erroneous extra files there, visually scan the wp-content/uploads directory that way as well

    While FTP’ing into your hosting, you can “rename” the plugins directory to plugins-old which will make them not load without losing them, to see if one of them is an issue as well.

    Ok frumph i’ll try that

    Did this work? I am having a similar problem. I upgraded a plugin and restored a previous version. that did not work so i had to install a fresh version of wordpress. I’m getting the same error message when i click on any of my plugins which I uploaded from my previous wp-content. Also, my database is not registering as it should be. Really at a loss here and need my site up asap!

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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