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  • Most common reason for such error is too old PHP version.

    What is required version?
    since ~year we ask for 5.3 or higher. Since Jigoshop 1.9 we start using functions that are available only in PHP 5.3 and higher to make code even better and faster.

    How to update

    • Check your hosting admin panel. Usually there is option to upgrade PHP
    • Contact your hosting provider. They should be able to upgrade fast.

    What if it doesn’t help?
    Please send us your problem description straight to and we’ll try to help you as soon as possible.

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  • Hi optart, can you add a notice to the WordPress Administration or PHP error log indicating the above if an old version of PHP is detected.

    Hi @visser Labs,
    Not sure what you mean – it’s written in plugin requirements. Do you have example of plugin doing what you have in mind?

    Assume that Plugin users don’t check the Plugin requirements let alone know what version of PHP they are using on their hosting server.

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    The Need help? link goes to a Help document on the Jigoshop site explaining how to update PHP. 🙂

    thanks for suggestion, we’ll definitely upgrade that section, probably in next major release

    Another possible fix is to deactivate Jigoshop, Remove the plugin from server entirely and upload the new version via FTP.

    Just updated my PHP to 5.4 and uploaded the plugin via FTP – received this error:
    Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_STRING in /home/content/20/8111120/html/wp-content/plugins/jigoshop/plugins/jigoshop-web-optimization-system/jigoshop-web-optimization.php on line 32

    Any suggestions??
    Thank you!

    Could you provide me with a link to the previous version? None of my product pages are working… Thank you.

    @ccwadsworth – can you try 5.3? (however 5.4 should be fine as well)
    Are you sure it’s updated? (phpinfo() would show the version)
    all old version are listed here:

    Hi OptArt – thanks for the response. I’ve received an email from your support staff that 5.4 has some issues with the plugin too. I have installed the earlier version and the shop is back up. I think I will wait until the 5.4 issues have been addressed rather than going back down to 5.3. Thank you for your follow-up. I appreciate it.

    yes it seems that there is some issue with 5.4 for now – we are investigating it

    Good afternoon I am experiencing this error with 5.3.10 installed on my server. From what I read it is also affect by the theme you have installed? Can you please explain the theme conflicts?

    As i installed I did notice that none of the database settings were saving.

    After updating to 1.10 I made some small modifications to some files like ‘frontend.css, archive-product and template functions’. It all works fine. But wen I remove the buttons from the products page by inactivate ‘after_shop_loop’ by using ‘/* and */’ on line 37 from ‘template_actions.php’ this gives me a white screen. It’s OK again when I put the original file instead. So I have to use buttons on the products page for now to let the shop work. Can I change this? Maybe the PHP issue is not only the victim:)

    This is the info the system gives me:
    PHP Version: 5.4.28
    MySQL Version: 5.5.37
    Web Server Info: Apache/2

    Hi Breinbrouwsels,
    we’d need to see your modification to check it out
    you can hide button by css or deactivate only button action instead of removing whole “after_Shop_loop”

    I did not remove the whole sentence. Only deactivate line 37 in ‘jigoshop_template_actions.php’. This deactivation possibly causes the white screen.

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 32 total)
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