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  • I installed WordPress earlier this week; it’s a clean install, but I imported posts from b2Evolution. The user’s site is at Jam on Bread. The theme is still set to the default.

    When you click on the “comments” link to leave a comment, where the text box for writing your comment should be is this error message instead:

    Fatal error: Call to undefined function: rss2() in /home/sodsbroo/public_html/jam/wp-content/themes/default/single.php on line 29

    Can someone give me a clue how to correct this? And is it related to the fact that the RSS feeds haven’t worked on this site since I installed WordPress?

    Seems to me the default theme ought to work “out of the box,” but maybe I’m just too picky.

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  • I’d try to upload a clean, new copy of the wp-includes folder.

    Funny, but I just changed the theme from “default” to “Windstorm,” and now everything works. There must be something broken in the default theme. I’m going to search the forums and see if this is a general issue with the default theme, or localized to something corrupt in my installation.

    I’d think it’s your install – don’t remember anything similar around.

    Never heard of an rss2() function in WP. Notwithstanding your earlier flippant remark, the default theme does work well out of the “properly installed” box so you should suspect something wrong with your installation of WP.

    Sorry for the flippancy. I’ve been a little frustrated, dealing with problems all week that turned out to be as simply solved as changing themes.

    I made three seperate installations of WordPress via Fantastico, and all three installations had the same problems with the default theme. All problems were fixed when the owners changed their themes. Maybe Fantastico is installing a corrupt version of WP?

    What is the line in single.php?

    Line 29

    yuck-yuck what a cluck… not “what is the line number”, what is the line? Your error posted above says it is on line 29 and fails on a call to function rss2() which I do not believe is a WP function and is not in my default single.php anyhoo.

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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