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  • After having xcache installed, I get the error
    Fatal error: xcache_clear_cache() [function.xcache-clear-cache]: xcache.admin.user and xcache.admin.pass is required in …line 89.

    While the site is working, I cannot add/edit post and do a whole bunch of stuff.

    Too bad I do not know php or how to edit the xcache.ini. I paid host to install and make the modifications but I don’t know why they can’t modify the portion where you could turn the admin.user off.
    What I did was to comment out the function up to line 89. And the errors all went away.

    Question is: Is it ok to comment out that particular function? What would be the subsequent effect? Anyone knows what that particular function is for? The php line goes

         * Flushes all data
         * @return boolean
        /**function flush()
            xcache_clear_cache(XC_TYPE_VAR, 0);
            return true;

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  • I have seen the old thread for this one; even replied – have overlooked that it was resolved already. I followed what the others did, but nothing has changed.

    my host, probably exasperated over my lack of knowledge installed xcache.ini in w3tc directory. (will this suffice?)

    I tried editing files to no avail. The same error appears when I publish or update blogs or empty caches. Although, changes are nonetheless made in updated blogs even when the error appears.

    Anyone having the same problem?

    I really need this as I’ve noticed some improvements in page loading time of the site.

    Seems to be a duplicate post. Your host needs to provide some better support to troubleshoot. The file included with W3TC is a reference file, it’s not the actually one your server is using.

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