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    “Fatal error: Call to a member function getConfigs() on a non-object in /homepages/30/database/htdocs/sitenme/wordpress-3.4.2/wordpress/wp-content/plugins/addthis/addthis_social_widget.php on line 1086”

    This message appeared in the homepage soon after i updated the plugin.

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  • Plugin Contributor AddThis_Elsa


    Hi nceebob,

    I certainly understand your concern and offer my sincere apologies for the inconvenience caused.

    It would be great if you can email us the URL address of your website, the theme and the other plugins you’ve installed with the theme. As soon as we get this information we could install it on a sample WordPress blog to see what’s happening?

    Plugin Contributor Julka Grodel


    Hey Folks,

    We think we have a solution that resolves the issue with addthis_social_widget.php on line 1086. Since we haven’t had anyone confirm the fix yet, we’re reluctant to release it as 5.0.10.

    If you’d like to give it a try and let us know if it works for you, feel free to reach out to us at and we’ll shoot it over to you.


    Hi AddThis_Elsa,

    I have emailed you guys information about our active plugins, the name of our theme and additionally a screenshot of how activation of your plugin’s “Sharing Sidebar” even with a rollback to release 5.0.8, is malfunctioning.

    AddThis_Elsa, can you please provide us with another email address, instead of complaining that you are not receiving my emails?


    To maintain the user experience on our website, we have had to rather deactivate AddThis plugin temporarily until AddThis dev team fixes what needs to be fixed.
    We are willing to corporate with AddThis, however, we are also concerned about our brand.
    Julka, Elsa and rest of AddThis team, lets work together behind the scene to get this great plugin back on its feet and working properly again. (You have my email so you know how to get to us)

    Kind regards

    This update just broke my network. I’m done.

    You all used to have the best social plugin possible — it was, truly, the best. But, since this new methodology you’ve adopted, it has gone relentlessly down hill. I’m afraid I can’t use, or endorse, this plugin any longer.

    It was a great run, guys. You were my go-to since 2009. But, this is the end of the line for me.

    Hi I am also experiencing the same issue. Here is the error code i get when activating the plugin: Fatal error: Call to a member function getConfigs() on a non-object in /data/12/1/129/32/1129358/user/1197258/htdocs/wp-content/plugins/addthis/addthis_social_widget.php on line 1086

    My clients are not very happy about this. Please let me know what i can do, if anything, to help resolve this error

    Plugin Contributor Julka Grodel


    We’ve made some educated guesses about what caused this issue and have released 5.0.10 moments ago. This version has been confirmed to resolve issues for multiple users who had trouble after upgrading to 5.0.9.

    One of the bugs we’ve seen in 5.0.9 is that some of the AddThis settings checkboxes get unchecked from time to time, and some other settings are cleared as well. After updating to the 5.0.10 version of the plugin, please review your AddThis plugin’s settings and confirm that they are as you intended them to be.

    Unfortunately, we are still unable to reproduce this issue internally after testing several of the PHP/WordPress combinations that the WordPress community provided us, including multiple themes. We are continuing to monitor the situation. Please let us know here or at whether you’re still experiencing this issue after installing 5.0.10.

    We continue to work on this plugin to make it better and more robust; we’re simplifying the code ensuring it’s more reliable and maintainable.

    While we’ve been running our plugin through Quality Assurance, we’re looking to improve this even further with automated testing over multiple versions of WordPress and PHP.

    We apologize for any inconvenience we have caused you. Your feedback is crucial to our collective success. Thank you for being patient with us while we work on this issue.

    The 5.0.10 Update has fixed the issue in my case. No error_log’s appeared.

    Many thanks to Julka, Elsa, Paul and the rest of the Addthis Support Team.

    The issue persists in version 5.0.10:

    PHP Fatal error: Call to a member function getConfigs() on a non-object in /home/username/public_html/wp-content/plugins/addthis/addthis_social_widget.php on line 1255

    Your issue is around line 1132 where someone set the result of the call of an object to a variable of the same name:

    $addThisConfigs = $addThisConfigs->getConfigs();

    In other parts of the code this is done as:

    $options = $addThisConfigs->getConfigs();

    But in this case you’re just blasting away the global object.

    As an aside, this is a terribly written WordPress plugin. The code is a mess. There are constants being defined and checked all over the place, and lots of require_once statements. All of the functions are in the global scope. There are no classes. Why would you ever do something like this in your code?


    I had switched some sites to use AddThis instead of ShareThis but with fragile, outdated, non-objected oriented, and non tested code I will be uninstalling this plugin and looking for a more stable solution. This plugin took down several of my websites with it’s most recent update and that’s not OK. Even fixing this one issue won’t correct the other problems that I’ve mentioned. Perhaps if AddThis can rewrite the plugin using some of the best practices found in the Codex’s plugin section it may be worth another look – but right now it’s just a mess with a lot of future issues waiting to happen.

    ps: nothing wrong with a require_once statement but put together with everything else that’s done wrong in the plugin the code just really says “I’m going to be cautious because I’m not confident that this will work”

    Plugin Contributor AddThis_Elsa


    Hi willshouse,

    We are extremely sorry for the confusion caused. We were not able to reproduce this issue in our test environment. Thank you for reporting the issue. I have passed your information along to our development team.


    The release 5.0.10 is still not good for us. They gave it a test ride this morning, and it still causes our theme’s sliders to malfunction.

    Oh when will this great plugin function normal again?

    Julka, Elsa, Paul and the rest of the Addthis Support Team are doing well, however, I personally suppose that the beta testing of new releases should be intensified before releases.

    Error message continues for me too with 5.0.10.
    WordPress 4.2.2, PHP 5.5.24.

    [16-Jul-2015 09:48:09 UTC] PHP Fatal error: Call to a member function getConfigs() on a non-object in /var/www/vhosts/wp-content/plugins/addthis/addthis_social_widget.php on line 1255

    It is a development site so I am open to giving someone from the AddThis theme access.

    This issue is NOT resolved with 5.0.10 on wordpress 4.2.2 php 5.4.6

    I noticed one more thing: the options are gone. I went to the setup page and noticed the plugin is not set up as it was.

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