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    At your request a new topic…

    The upgrade did make the scan start for a while, that was a major step up, but I ended with having a fatal error.
    It ended up with:

    I did increase my memory quite a bit, so don’t think that could be it?

    Log file doesn’t give more info though.

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  • Plugin Author opicron


    Wow, you have the most images i have ever seen on an blog. I have to rewrite the record saving system to accomodate for your extreme filebase.

    This is something which i wanted to to do anyway. The pseudo code is ready and now I just need to write it ;). I expect to work on this in the weekend.

    Sorry for the delay. But with so many images I can not wait to see how much we can clean up!

    Haha, it’s most I’ve ever seen in a blog.

    Just a little background story: It’s a website I’ve built for a client who is importing feeds.
    It was originally based on 3 feeds, but the client added about 10 more and I think they also added and deleted feeds, probably without also deleting posts.

    I am not sure but I also think that the plugin I am using ( WP All Import) might have a bug with the images. I am seeing the images folder grow out of proportion, even though I have put settings on “delete when items are not found in a feed update” etc.
    That and all the resizes makes it grow, so am in desperate need of cleaning this database and start fresh.

    Am very lucky to have found you who is writing a plugin to do just that. So thank you in advance!

    hi there,

    i got a fatal error as well. this is the report file
    wordpress/cheope theme/woocommerce

    [0.0170] Info: WP_Query results written to log
    [0.0000] Meta indexed so far: 0 / 822
    [0.6603] Meta indexed so far: 99 / 822
    [0.0000] Meta indexed so far: 100 / 822
    [1.2088] Meta indexed so far: 199 / 822
    [0.0000] Meta indexed so far: 200 / 822
    [36.6617] Meta indexed so far: 299 / 822
    [0.0006] Uknown error: Please see returned value below

    1st error was at 100 then 200 last at 299

    can you please let me know what i am doing wrong?


    Plugin Author opicron


    It seems that the script takes very long to index just 100 files at one point. The other 100 files are all indexed quickly. I assume your platform is busy during that block with other stuff thus slowing down the script very much.

    Please try to lower the stepcount of the images per ajax call to 50 and see if this will help you.

    If not I would love to debug your website. PS: please make a new post for this issue :).

    hi opicron, with 50 it didnot work either.

    Hi opicron,

    I am also getting the fatal error,

    Step 2/6: retrieving metadata from index [16600/58828] [Fatal Error!] Logfile

    I have gtried a few times and have the same error at 16600, the error log does not show what the issue is:

    [0.0000] Meta indexed so far: 16600 / 58768
    [1.2076] Meta indexed so far: 16699 / 58768
    [0.0004] Uknown error: Please see returned value below

    would be great if you could help debug the issue with me, i can give you access to the site,

    Many thanks

    Plugin Author opicron


    I am rewriting part of the plugin to accomodate very large file sets. Please expect the new version to be ready soon. Sorry for the lack of feedback.

    Plugin Author opicron


    I have been working all evening on the plugin and it is almost finished. Just a few tests and I will release it this weekend.

    Plugin Author opicron


    The new version has been released. Please let me know if the indexing is working now.

    no it is not, sorry

    Plugin Author opicron


    I was on your website but I couldnt see the plugin section. Also I couldnt see the tools>image cleanup area. Maybe the security settings are incorrect?

    Would like to debug the issue.

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