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    I’ve just installed the plugin, attempted to activate it and received this error:

    Fatal error: Call to undefined function pls_has_plugin_error() in /home/menorcan/public_html/wp-content/plugins/placester/blueprint/blueprint.php on line 326

    Any ideas?

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  • Can you tell me which version of PHP you are running and which version of WordPress?

    WP version 3.6.1
    PHP Version: 5.4.18

    Hmmm, who are you hosting with? Also which theme are you using and where did you get it from?

    I am using the Headway Framework ( and hosting the site is with BigWetFish (

    OK, I have created a WordPress 3.6.1 server running PHP 5.4.10 (pretty close) and installed the Placester plugin from and cannot recreate that error. I was hoping you might say that you were on a budget host, but that doesnt seem to be the case. At some point your server is deleting or changing a file. So can you verify the contents of a file for me. After installing the plugin, go to the Placester plugin directory, then blueprint/functions/core.php. Copy and paste the code from line 115 to 143 here so we can see whats going on.

    Alternatively, visit and click the little green chat button that should be at the bottom of the page. Tell them that Matt sent you and you need to talk with me. They should know what you are talking about. I would have preferred to just put my phone number or email address here, but the WordPress folks don’t like that…

    Hi Matt

    Here’s the code:

     * Verifies if there is a problem with retrieving data from the plugin when used as
     * a getter (i.e., no valid param is passed) and sets that value, otherwise.
     * Although this information can be determined and set by accessing the $placester_blueprint
     * global directly, this method is preferred due to its upgrade compatibility.
     * @param string $val used to set the value of the plugin error, while passing in 'clear'
     * removes any error that is currently set.
     * @global object $placester_blueprint The global Placester Blueprint object.
     * @returns mixed Returns false if there is no problem, 'no_api_key',
     * 'no_plugin', or 'timeout' if there is.
     * @since 0.0.1
    function pls_has_plugin_error( $val = null ) {
        global $placester_blueprint;
        // If a new value is passed, set it (and return nothing)...
        if ( !empty($val) ) {
            $placester_blueprint['has_plugin_error'] = ($val !== 'clear') ? $val : false;
        // Get and return the existing value...
        else {
            $retVal = isset($placester_blueprint['has_plugin_error']) ? $placester_blueprint['has_plugin_error'] : false;
            return $retVal;

    This is certainly bizarre. You have the right code. Its there but for some reason your server is not allowing the code to run. What other plugins are you running?

    None others were Matt – i can only assume it was a clash with the Headway framework!

    Hmmm, that could definitely be it. We are starting up our Developer Community and looking to get theme developers involved. I’ll reach out to the Headway framework folks to see if they want to help address this issue.


Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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