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  • Thanks! That seemed to do it!
    One other thing, I purchased the html version and I am paid up until June, 2013. Do I need to upgrade it as well in order to get it to send out html emails to everyone?


    If you purchased the HTML version from you need to access updates by logging in and downloading the there. Note, that site is closed to new purchases so at some point you will need to tranfer over to the site below.

    If you purchased from Semper Plugins the updates will now be automated.

    Thanks for your reply. I got to the site, but it informed me that it no longer is operating. While I could login on the old site, I wasn’t sure if it contained the latest update of the HTML version. When I went to Semper Plugins I couldn’t find a way to continue my subscription, which is valid until June of this year. Lastly, how do I know if my installed Subscibe2 plugin is working in the HTML version, as I want to send out HTML post emails to every subscriber?

    @rgoldman, does contain the latest code, I’m still uploading there for legacy users with ongoing subscriptions like yourself.

    When you need to renew go here:

    And select the bottom option where it says “Support and Updates Subscription Only”.

    Provided the plugin is listed as “Subscribe2 HTML” in the WordPress plugin page you are using the HTML code.

    I am just now trying to get the latest code from the link you sent, but I can’t access it. I’d like to be able to use the html version, but it seems that now all that I have is the free version plugin on my site. Any help would be appreciated. What’s the best way to check to see if the html version is in place for the future?



    If you are paid up until June 2013 you may have purchased through the old sales site so updates are accessed there until you transfer membership to the new site:

    The easiest way to check which version you are using is on the WordPress plugins page. The free version is listed as ‘Subscribe2’ whereas the paid version is listed as ‘Subscribe2 HTML’.

    When I try to access the page, I get:
    “WPplugins in no more…” floating over the page. When I try to close the box and search for Subscribe2HTML, nothing comes up except the box again with the same message and a link to “wpmudev,” which, when you search for Subscribe2, doesn’t come up. The only plugin that it returns is “Subscribe by email,” a plugin that seems to complete with yours. I’d really like to update and restore my Subscribe2. I checked on my blog’s plugin page and apparently the free version is what’s installed at this point. Is there anywhere else I can download the current plugin?


    Close the box telling you the site is no more and log in using the form at the top right, then you can access your available downloads.

    The only other place is here:

    But you’d have to pay your renewal fee early to gain access.

    Really sorry, but I tried logging in 4 times and each time all I get is the box. When I close the box I am still in the landing page, with nowhere to go.

    Ok, I gave up on the legacy site and paid and downloaded the new version on the new site as you instructed. Two problems: I installed it and tried to activate the plugin but got:

    Warning: require_once(/home/playin9/public_html/wp-content/plugins/subscribe2/classes/plugin-update-checker.php) [function.require-once]: failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /home/playin9/public_html/wp-content/plugins/subscribe2_html/subscribe2.php on line 84

    and when I went to the forum I got:

    ** You currently do not have permission to see this post. To obtain access to Admin posts please purchase a support subscription from Semper Plugins **

    even though I used the login and password I received by email for the forum:

    Thank you for registering with Semper Plugins. Here is your account for access to the Support Forums –

    Password: XXXXXXXXXXX


    You haven’t installed it correctly by the looks of the messages above – the first on is telling you a file is missing. We need to move this to the paid forum now though:


    Deactivated the free version and activated the html version, and everything seems to work. I just published a post, so I’ll know soon. Would love to move to the paid support forum, but I am getting:

    ** You currently do not have permission to see this post. To obtain access to Admin posts please purchase a support subscription from Semper Plugins **

    even though I logged in with the name and password emailed to me when I bought the upgrade.



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    Please post on

    These forums are not for commercial plugins.

    Great, that works. Thanks!

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