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  • Hello tx for the great ideal and work,
    your plugin is exactly what i was looking for.
    But i cant get it work yet. Hope it can get fixed with your help.

    I have WordPress 5.2, PHP 7.0.32.
    Multisite uses

    When i write a shortcode i get a fatal error.

    – I already deactivated all other plug ins. Got fatal errors anyway.
    – I wrote the shortcode in the editors shortcode block and as well tried it with the html view of a text block. same result.
    – I tried your example with my blog nummbers and categry slug and i tried it without blog and categorie (default =all)

    [netsposts include_blog=’3′ days=’30’ taxonomy=’fotogalerie’ titles_only=’false’ show_author=’true’ thumbnail=’true’ size=’90,90′ image_class=’alignleft’ auto_excerpt=’true’ excerpt_length=’150′ show_author=’true’ paginate=’true’ list=’5′]

    Give u a superadmin account is no problem if u have the time and could have a look at it.
    I probably am doing wrong anything.

    Have a nice day – Markus
    PS. sorry for my poor english 😉

    Fatal Error
    Fatal error: Uncaught TypeError: Return value of NetworkPosts\Components\db\NetsPostsQuery::set_days() must be an instance of NetworkPosts\Components\db\void, none returned in /homepages/20/d778183532/htdocs/clickandbuilds/WordPress/MyCMS3/wp-content/plugins/network-posts-extended/components/db/NetsPostsQuery.php:90 Stack trace: #0 /homepages/20/d778183532/htdocs/clickandbuilds/WordPress/MyCMS3/wp-content/plugins/network-posts-extended/network-posts-extended.php(135): NetworkPosts\Components\db\NetsPostsQuery->set_days(’30’) #1 /homepages/20/d778183532/htdocs/clickandbuilds/WordPress/MyCMS3/wp-includes/shortcodes.php(325): netsposts_shortcode(Array, ”, ‘netsposts’) #2 [internal function]: do_shortcode_tag(Array) #3 /homepages/20/d778183532/htdocs/clickandbuilds/WordPress/MyCMS3/wp-includes/shortcodes.php(199): preg_replace_callback(‘/\\[(\\[?)(netspo…’, ‘do_shortcode_ta…’, ‘[netsposts days…’) #4 /homepages/20/d778183532/htdocs/clickandbuilds/WordPress/MyCMS3/wp-includes/class-wp-hook.php(286): do_shortcode(‘[netspo in /homepages/20/d778183532/htdocs/clickandbuilds/WordPress/MyCMS3/wp-content/plugins/network-posts-extended/components/db/NetsPostsQuery.php on line 90

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  • Plugin Author johnzenausa


    I see your color for the title is green and you want to keep it. The hex code is #109930 and I will show you the css once you activate the link. Let me know when the titles are links so I can give you the css code to change the color. Plus what color do you want them to have on hover?

    I ran the below part through a translator.

    Ich sehe deine Farbe für den Titel ist grün und du willst es behalten. Der Hex-Code lautet #109930 und ich zeige Ihnen die CSS, sobald Sie den Link aktivieren. Lassen Sie mich wissen, wenn die Titel Links sind, damit ich Ihnen den CSS-Code zum Ändern der Farbe geben kann. Und welche Farbe soll der Schwebeflug haben?



    H John,
    thank you for your time – hope u aer better.

    1. Pipes categories.

    I added cour css code to custom css
    It tells me – there are 2 errors.

    1. error not possible to save – unexspected token ‘&’ at line 2, col 14
    and exspected column at line 2, col 30

    2. error same with line 5 – have a look.

    I saved it anyway – but no change, no pipes – seem the “&” is the problem.

    3. Link colours – i activatet include_link_title=’true’
    And yes it should be green and i want hold it, it is a garden site.
    The hovering colour should be a dark green.

    What do u think s wrong with the & error with the css code for categorys seperated by pipes?

    Have a nice day – markus

    Plugin Author johnzenausa


    Paste the exact code you put in the customizer here.



    Hi John,

    i did paste and copy your code.
    Checked it now to copy it here in – and it does not show the error anymore – strange.
    But the result of the page showed, did not change. Code i inserted is at the end of the poste.

    I switched off my cache plug in – so you get the what the site produces.

    Watch here:

    Title: 12 Video-Tipps Obstbaumschnitt
    It is a link – but small font size and black

    Categories: ! Videogalerien !ObstbäumeObstgarten

    No space between ! Videogalerien ! and Obstbäume and Obstgarten

    It should look like
    ! Videogalerien ! `| Obstbäume | Obstgarten

    `Inserted Code in css
    .netsposts-categories a:not(:last-of-type)::after {
    content: “\00a0\01c0”;
    .netsposts-categories a:not(:first-of-type)::before {
    content: “\00a0”;

    Have a nice day – markus



    Have another question.

    I dont want to get shown the author.

    U write:
    show_author – if true shows a posts author (default false) Example: show_author=’true’

    To hide the source area just add the following argument to the shortcode – hide_source=’true’ will hide all the meta_info like author, date created, etc…

    I tried several things to not get shown the author. So its by default false . i have the author shown when is dont change anything.

    I get it shown when i ad show_author=’false as well’
    And when i ad hide_source=’true’ its showed as well.

    Here is my shortcut – page

    [netsposts include_blog=’3′ taxonomy=’Blumen’ hide_source=’true’ include_link_title=’true’ title_color=’#109930′ title=’Fotogalerien mit prächtigen Blühern’ titles_only=’false’ show_categories=’true’ thumbnail=’true’ size=’150,300′ column_width=’250′ height=”500px” post_height=”200px” column=’2′ line=’2′ excerpt_length=’100′ paginate=’true’ list=’20’]

    I am so keen to get it work – please spent some time thank you – markus

    Plugin Author johnzenausa


    If you’re talking about the part that says: Author: Markus that is not my plugin but the following: uwp_widgets uwp_widget_author_box. I do not see the author listed next to any post that my plugin is displaying.

    As far as the title goes it’s because it gets a new class when it becomes a link. So just add the following to the customizer or wherever else you put the css code:

    .netsposts-posttitle-link { color: #109930; }
    .netsposts-posttitle-link:hover { color: #006400; }

    If the above doesn’t work make it look like this:

    .netsposts-posttitle-link { color: #109930 !important; }
    .netsposts-posttitle-link:hover { color: #006400 !important; }

    because there might be something else in there over writing the html.

    As far as separating the categories I’m working on a couple of upgrades.

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    Plugin Author johnzenausa


    One more thing for the read more text you can use the argument:

    read_more_text=' continue-reading...' will add a space between the last word of the excerpt and change it to continue reading. So you can put your word in here and it’ll work just fine.

    Hi John,

    i did use all your proposals and tested around.
    Great some of it works 😉 – And u did solve the Pipe with categories – great and ty.


    read more – translated text is fixed,
    read more – space problem is fixed. I used “read_more_text=  weiterlesen…;
    read_more_text=' was just a ‘

    I as well changed size of font in css – may be that can be done with better code joining the arguments. But i am not a coder – just understand a bit whats going on there,

    css added code to make the hovererd link bold and the font size of title bigger
    .netsposts-posttitle-link { color: #109930; }
    .netsposts-posttitle-link { font-size:14pt; }
    .netsposts-posttitle-link:hover { color: #006400; }
    .netsposts-posttitle-link:hover { font-weight:bold; }

    So whats missing is the space between the image and the text – ther should be one empty line.

    Very nice would be, when the categories get the colour as i defined in the customizer

    Anyway – you gave me a big help. thank you, Markus

    What I want to say as well, without it sounding presumptuous.
    You are a coder. Most people who don’t use your plugin are not. So things that are completely clear to you are a mystery to them. I think you have much more success with your great work, if you support your long description with examples.
    All possibilities, your shortcuts should be shown with a link how the effect looks like then. If you want to use my small gallery for it, gladly. I’ll set up a section for you. So that you can create examples and link to them. Just let me know if you are interested.
    Translated with

    Plugin Author johnzenausa


    A help page is coming. As for looks using css can make the plugin look like anything. Plus a certain plugin on your site is causing php errors.

    Thank you for the suggestions.

    ok – good news.

    Do you know which plug in causes the errors on my site?

    1. Is there a way to have an empty line between the shortcut image and the beginning o the text excerpt.

    2. Is there a way to give categories the same color as defined in customizer.

    best – markus
    This are the last two things i need to get solved. Let me know if that is not possible. than i mark the thread as resolved. tx – markus

    Plugin Author johnzenausa


    1. Do you mean featured image?

    2. You mean the category links? And what color in the customizer?

    Hi John,

    in the customizer i have in my theme on top
    – general settings
    – header settings
    – additional settings
    In the additional settings i defined colours for all the categories
    These colours appear for example here with the category name:

    watch the category slider recent posts – in german “Letzte Beiträge” on top left side of this page

    It would be nice when your plug in would not only read category names from blog 3 and show them above the picture. Now ith the pipe character inbetween. If the plugin could read the used colors of the categories in blog 3 as well and use it wehen showing the category names. Now they are all same green.

    I mean the pictures in the list.
    I used 2 rows here
    List 2 rows
    Below the picture there is no space between picture and the excerpt text.

    ty – markus

    forgot the first link

    watch the category slider recent posts – in german “Letzte Beiträge” on top left side of this page

    example category colours in category slider

    Plugin Author johnzenausa


    So you want the same light blue

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