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    Hello Team,

    hope you are doing good.

    We updated the dokan-lite plugin on our site.

    Old version – 2.8.5
    latest version – 2.9.3

    After updating the plugin we are facing the following errors.

    Notice: Undefined property: WeDevs_Dokan::$vendor in /nas/content/staging/prairiegrit/wp-content/plugins/dokan-lite/dokan.php on line 148
    Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Call to a member function get() on null in /nas/content/staging/prairiegrit/wp-content/plugins/dokan-lite/includes/functions.php:1133 Stack trace: #0 /nas/content/staging/prairiegrit/wp-content/plugins/dokan-pro/classes/settings.php(24): dokan_get_store_info(64) #1 /nas/content/staging/prairiegrit/wp-content/plugins/dokan-pro/classes/settings.php(51): Dokan_Pro_Settings->__construct() #2 /nas/content/staging/prairiegrit/wp-content/plugins/dokan-pro/dokan-pro.php(286): Dokan_Pro_Settings::init() #3 /nas/content/staging/prairiegrit/wp-content/plugins/dokan-pro/dokan-pro.php(52): Dokan_Pro->inistantiate() #4 /nas/content/staging/prairiegrit/wp-content/plugins/dokan-pro/dokan-pro.php(69): Dokan_Pro->__construct() #5 /nas/content/staging/prairiegrit/wp-content/plugins/dokan-pro/dokan-pro.php(603): Dokan_Pro::init() #6 [internal function]: dokan_load_pro('') #7 /nas/content/staging/prairiegrit/wp-includes/class-wp-hook.php(286): call_user_func_array('dokan_load_pro', Array) #8 /nas/content/staging/p in /nas/content/staging/prairiegrit/wp-content/plugins/dokan-lite/includes/functions.php on line 1133

    Kindly let us know how to fix this issue.


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    Anyone here for looking into this??????

    This is the major error that we are facing.

    The suggestion will be appreciated.


    Hello @ajayghaghretiya1,

    It seems like the issue you are having is because of updating from an old version to the latest version. In such a case, the best way to avoid error is to remove the old plugin and install the latest version.

    You can follow as I mentioned to avoid the error for now. Also I have mentioned our developers to take care of the error and they are checking and hopefully will fix it as soon as possible.

    Thanks 🙂

    Thread Starter Ajay Ghaghretiya


    Hello Roshni,

    Thanks for looking into this.

    I followed the steps that you have explained. but still, I am facing the issue.

    I debug the code and found that the issue is occurring from the dokan pro plugin while the dokan pro plugin calls the function dokan_get_store_info() from the dokan-lite plugin.

    We have a dokan-pro plugin with the version 2.7.0

    Kindly check the dokan-lite with the mentioned dokan-pro version of the plugin.

    And please update us so we can fix this issue asap.


    Hello @ajayghaghretiya1,

    I am so sorry for the unexpected inconvenience. Please contact here. I will make sure you get your issue resolved as soon as possible.


    Hello @ajayghaghretiya1, @redbopeep,

    I can understand you are having an issue. But we are unable to provide zip file here. Actually, the issue you mentioned is causing only if you are trying to upgrade from the older version to the latest version. So it is not happening to all of our clients but only a few who have not been updating the plugins regularly.

    We have figured out the issue and we are ready to fix it on your site. In order to do that you need to contact here.

    Thanks 🙂

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