• The most recent update of Twitter Cards Meta totally broke my photography site. Even the administrative login page would not load. I got the site back up by deleting Twitter Cards Meta plugin. When I try to reinstall and reactivate the plugin I get a fatal error which ends in twcm-class-twitter-cards-preview.php on line 27. While I am not a coder, I checked the code and could not see any obvious problems or corruption with that particular file at line 27. Accordingly, I am clueless on how to get Twitter Cards Meta reactivated and working again. Googling the error produced a number of other WordPress websites apparently similarly taken down completely down by this error after an automatic plugin update. Thus, I think the problem relates to the new preview functionality in the most recent update and not some misconfiguration on my site. Anyone have any ideas how to fix it so I can get Twitter Cards Meta working again on my site? Thanks in advance.

    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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  • Hey,
    I just had to deal with this. The problem in twcm-class-twitter-cards-preview.php line 27:
    $screens = ['post', 'page'];
    The problem occurs with older PHP versions which do not understand this bracket syntax. To fix this easily, replace the line above with:
    $screens = array('post', 'page');


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