• The plugin was working fine and then all of the sudden going to the site I get th following error:

    Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ‘&&’ (T_BOOLEAN_AND), expecting ‘)’ in /home3/shelznh/public_html/shattuckpaving.com/portal/wp-content/plugins/employee-scheduler/includes/class-shiftee-helper.php on line 350

    I FTP’d into the site (since the error was preventing me from entering my WP dashboard) and manually deleted the plugin. Then I went and downloaded the plugin and installed it. turns out the plugin had been updated 4 days ago so I thought maybe that had cause the error. but reinstalling I get the same error. Please help

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  • Plugin Author Morgan Kay


    Thank you for reporting this!

    I have just released a new version (2.1.3) that fixes this error.

    What version of PHP are you using? I wasn’t getting this error on any of my test sites, so I suspect older versions of PHP throw this error but more recent versions do not.

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