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    So everything was fine till I did an update of akismet yesterday. I left my site and return today to login and i get this error message, please help me. I cannot login to my admin panel.

    Fatal error: Call to undefined function akismet_server_connectivity_ok()in wp-content/plugins/akismet/admin.php on line 268

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    try deactivating Akismet manually via FTP or phpMyAdmin.



    ^ thank you

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    You are Welcome.:-)



    I am getting this same message since updating Akismet. Kinda scary.



    I’m getting the same “FATAL ERROR” since updating to Askimet 2.50 on one of the blogs I have. It is on the root of the primary domain and another blog running in as an add on in its own directory I updated and NO FATAL ERROR THERE.

    I have 12 other blogs I have updated to v 2.50 and NO problems or errors accessing admin on any of them.

    Therefore I think only the one blog then begs the question: Is the problem with askimet OR the theme on the blogs getting the errors.

    I FTP’d into the server, deleted the files in:


    And now I can access wp-admin for this blog without error. Problem is of course, no Askimet.

    Maybe the info above will point someone here or at Askimet in the direction for a resolve to this issue.

    Not being a PHP Programmer I’m at a loss as to what my findings actually indicate, but for now at least I can access admin.

    I think I have a previous version of Askimet here somewhere. I’ll try installing that and see what happens while hopefully someone finds an actual fix.


    Joseph Scott


    Have you tried re-installing Akismet 2.5 again? I’m wondering if some files where missing for site with the error.



    Hi Joseph,

    Actually I just did that and WAH LAH – All is well again. I was headed here to report the success and the report on your post popped up in my email.

    Strange that it happened at all though. Cyber Gremlins get the blame for this one :o)




    Hi guys

    I just found the same error message for both of my WordPress websites… the WordPress logins were unavailable due to the Akismet error. I took the advice above and deleted the Akismet files and I was able to then login and reinstall them so that did the trick. I’m not a programmer so having help pages like this really is a lifesaver.


    Wow -this was a lifesaver-I was freaking out when I couldnt log in suddenly! I FTPd the server also, deleted Akismet, logged in with no probs, and reinstalled it.

    Thanks much fellow wordpressians. Had the same problem deleted the directory and back in business.

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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