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    I search all over this forum and find lots of articles, but still didn’t find answer.

    I use godaddy (delux plan) for 1 year now,
    and asmallorange (small) for few days (testing speed).

    ASO is a little bit faster but not so much. But they have great support.

    Problem is… I need lots of space and bandwidth for few of my websites and ASO is a lot more expensive then godaddy or bluehost.

    Speed is very important because now, on godaddy that is big problem. You can check my website:
    Virtual dedicated servers should be faster but they are also to expensive.

    That is why I need your help:
    which shared hosting is fastest?

    Also if you can clarify to me bluehost option:
    They offer dedicated IP for 30$ per year. Am I also getting some kind of dedicated hosting?

    I’m still newbie in all this stuff so I will be appreciative for any help.


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  • no, a dedicated IP does not mean dedicated hosting.

    The trouble is you want something good and cheap. these two concepts are mutually exclusive.

    This is one of the universal laws.

    While it is possible to get something good and free, nothing is ever good and cheap, because if charging for it is necessary, it means the costs are a significant factor.

    Yes, I understand that.
    There is no way I get really fast hosting for low costs.

    In fact I don’t need that. (Can’t afforded) 🙂
    That is why I ask for fastest shared hosting.

    I don’t see any sense to pay a lot more to ASO for maybe 1sec faster website.

    I was only expecting that people will tell me something like: “I try few shared hosting and xxxxx was fastest till
    now and still using it.”

    Maybe I’m wrong, but my opinion is that there is more people who use shared hosting – with same reason like mine.

    And Bluehost, hostgator, dreamhost… and lots of others,
    have similar prices like godaddy. But maybe there are faster. ?


    I don’t think there is a definite answer for “which is the fastest”. It will also depend on where your visitors are located compared to the host server and many other factors. An example: you can have the fastest host in US and the fastest connection in Europe… however, the speed will be determined by the “bottleneck” in the cable that connects Americas and Europe.

    Another factor: the size of your site.
    this is a good starting point to optimize it.

    I read before about distance between host and visitors like big speed factor.

    Hosting here (n Croatia) is very expensive so that was my biggest reason I bought hosting from godaddy.
    Also, 90% of visitors are from Croatia, and 9% from USA and Canada (probably because of my posting for help like now)

    I don’t know how significant that is but.. do You think I should buy hosting here in Croatia?

    Also, I know that my site is top heavy and I need to “play” with it. I use before.

    Also, I try to use default template without widget, and speed wasn’t much better. I never know why, but could be because of distance.

    I was recently reading an article (I can’t remember whether it was on the Internet or in the newspaper) which contained a “map” of the Internet.

    It showed in particular the gigabit backbone links between countries. There were, maybe pen-thick lines between Australia and Singapore, and Australia and the United States, but between the United States and Europe, there were so many links it looked like somebody got a paintbrush and dolloped the ink all over the illustration. I think you will get much more value for money hosting in the US, and I do not think hosting in Europe will make it much faster, because backbone links between Europe and the US are so strong.

    Any experience relevant to speed between few different shared hosting would be great.


    Thanks for this useful info, JeremyVisser…

    However, I succeed to convince one hosting company here in Croatia so they will give me 1 month free for testing.

    I will reply back with results.

    Till then, all advice are welcome…

    Like I promised, I manage 3 different hosting with same website (same database, same content…)

    1. on Croatian

    2. on – small plan
    (don’t ask why so big)

    3. on -delux plan

    Now, from my place if I look for speed:
    Fastest is 1. (on
    Middle speed is 2. ( on
    And slowest is 3. (on

    It seams that is still important to have hosting in your country, or it just depend how much user some server have…

    Now, I’m asking you to try all 3 url and if you get different “speed feeling” please write me your order.

    Thanks. Very much!


    The Croatian-hosted site and the site are the same speeds for me (I’m in Australia), but the GoDaddy one is dog slow.

    Thanks for info JeremyVisser,

    I checked hosting over

    Here is their result:
    And my site on their hositing:

    Some times on the list of server is also wich I find (using google) very good.
    From my side is strange how sometimes can some be server on list and some times not. It looks like my website is transporting from server to server from while to while.

    I also found very interesting this hosting (from croatia):
    And all server from them are on
    Price for: (shared) 2000MB space, 70000MB of bandwidth with all needed functionality == 1188kn per year (162 EUR)

    That is on edge of my ability($$€€), but I will must handle it.
    I tried to find on shared hosting but it seams they only sell dedicated servers.

    Is here anyone who use bluehost, hostgator or similar host who offer big space and bandwidth for price like those I mentioned?

    If You use some of described, can You put your website link here so I can see what is their speed?

    Andrija is currently hosted at but they are really unstable, Looky here. Constantly down.

    servage sucks shit — its ripe with spammers. Its no wonder its always down, thats probably from it being DDOS’d by otherwise law-abiding bloggers that are tired of their shitty customers spamming their web sites.

    I NULLROUTE servage.

    wow whooami, tell us what you really think! that’s about the strongest language I’ve ever heard you use (I generally respect your posts because they are so darn useful)

    I use midphase and/or anhosting (the same place, different pricing) because they are fairly cheap and can be reached 24/7/365 by phone. If you are an affiliate who takes all your clients there, you get leverage and can get a top level manager to give you his or her extension to call if you have issues.

    The best part for anyone in Croatia (or really, just about anywhere other than the US) is that your money goes a long way here now, sad to say.

    Let me just add that bringing a client to returns $85 to you if you are an affiliate. At $6.95 USD per month (paying a year up front), it can’t be beat given huge bandwidth, disk space and features, as well as an easy to use cpanel.

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