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  • I consider myself a WordPress speed optimization expert and tried many other cache plugins already! All the big names and even many of the smaller names. If you really really have to know (W3TC, Super Cache, Fastest Cache, Hyper Cache, Simple Cache, Comet Cache, FOCUS Cache, etc.) and also a million other non-cache related plugins that minify/combine/concatenate/defer/re-organize asset delivery.

    SWIFT PERFROMANCE LITE is blazing fast. I already tried it on shared hosting as well as VPS, small blogs, big blogs, WooCommerce sites…all of them reporting incredible results and which much less hassle than other plugins.

    If you have any issues, try disabling JS-related and/or CSS-related features. FWIW: I hate lazyload and always turn that off. I don’t also don’t use criticalCSS.

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  • Fastest cache is alright. Comet cache is alright. SWIFT LITE is simply better. All of them do page caching in different ways. They piece it together differently and they “logically” apply expires time differently.

    No worries at all. If you love what you have stick with it. I have a handful of servers, shared and VPS and always love wasting my time playing with new options so it’s no cost for me. I work as a WP expert so it’s also my business to know these things.

    Fastest Cache is great, too. SWIFT LITE is actually easier to use for sure. It has a lot of settings but everything is already applied out of the box. Each site took me only 2 minutes to set up and the extra settings are there for you to play with if you want. So basically, it’s as easy to use as any basic plugin, but also same granular control levels as the most advanced plugins.

    For sure, it’s easier to use that CometCache and about the same or even easier to use that Fastest Cache. I wasn’t a big fan of SWIFT when I first heard about it but upon trying it, I mentioned it to my Facebook group and got 100+ comments on the first day and already a coupon dozen users/developers switched over and validated my claims. Hahaha, they ought to pay me money for such a good promotion.

    Best of luck to you, man!

    @treeflips, thanks for the information, will give this a spin, as we manage a lot of WordPress installs for our clients. This could be intriguing.

    I’ve tested over 10+ sites already on various server stacks. You’ll have a blast. It’s really easy to use and clever, IMO.

    woooow my friend. i was indeed sceptical on your comments. but i thought, what the heck, let me try.
    using pingdom to check speed, my site using wp fastest cache (which i liked a lot) loaded in 2.3 seconds.
    guess what. with swift performance, load time is 1.5 seconds. i did literally nothing but click on the wizard. all was automatic. thank you so much.
    2 questions
    first, is there some tweaking you would suggest i check furthermore?
    and second, is thereany reason i should also check the plugin called “LiteSpeed Cache”. have you checked it?
    but since i had so much dramatic dicrease in load time, i think i am settled….

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    If somebody was using WP FASTEST CACHE and changed for Swift Performance Lite I might start to believe this story…

    so you dont believe that i just did it? are you a troll? oh well… i dont care

    Usually it’s the troll who find something “magic”…

    Plugin Contributor Scottie S


    @porotikos You don’t have to prove anything to anyone. These results are for you and your customers benefit. We know them to be true too. Keep rocking the good work and thanks for the nice words!


    Thank you Scottie.
    If you have any suggestions of somesettings i might fiddle with, to achieve perhaps even better stats, please do tell.

    As to analyticsshop, if you dont have anything constructive to contribute, why bother with a plugin you dont like?

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    Can you tell me which one is finally the fastest ? As you seem to like all 🙂

    Thank you.

    I like different plugins for different environments.

    Swift is my favorite for 98% of scenarios.
    LiteSpeed is great on LS servers, or used as object caching layer along side other cache plugins.
    Simple Cache is great for lightweight, hassle-free use. (I use it with memcache.)

    Will be testing this today.
    Have just compared my “Cache Enabler” with “simple cache” and while ‘simple cache’ is remarkable.. cache enabler barely beat it out . Of course You Must use a CDN with any of these to get 💯 % . ( which I do)
    We shall see how Swift turns out. Also remember: once you have your CDN , cache and pic optimization totally optimized for every post; you can run as large a site as needed and still maintain that 💯 in most cases!


    Thank you for the report, I will try cache enabler, but can you also give your opinion after trying Swift ? So lazy to change the cache system that I am trying to know first what is definitively the best. Thanks again.

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