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    Most of the websites I’ve developed by using WordPress were slow. My server is not the best one but the loading time with css and everything was almost 10 seconds. I downloaded the premium themes and tested them at local. The performance was not even good, the page load time was around 6 seconds when WordPress default themes were around 2 to 3 seconds. I searched for new themes from WordPress panel and found Responsive. The theme was working pretty fast at my local; page load time was around 3 seconds and I customized it. Added one random image rotator: <img width=”440″ height=”300″ alt=”Quran” src=”/wp-content/uploads/2012/09/quran<?php echo rand(1,5);?>.jpg” class=”aligncenter”>

    The website is still under development but the main thing is I want a very fast website…

    Please help me, how can I keep it fast, simple, beautiful and useful.

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    Use .png images instead of .jpg.

    Why do you suggest .png images instead of jpg? JPGs are bigger files.

    You can try using WP Super Cache plugin. It will increase the performance of your site..

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    The bigger the image size, the longer time is taken to load.


    I used to use caching plugins, it made the website worked a lot faster but the page was crashing once in a few days. Only a white page was coming up. Did you have any problems with WP Super Cache plugin? I want my web site up all the time.


    I don’t think the images can be smaller. Do you have any suggestions to make them smaller?


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    My first post was a suggestion for this.

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    PNG vs JPG depends on the image.

    You can use image optimizers before you upload (most graphic apps, Photoshop etc have them).

    There are other caches (w3 total cache) and minification, as well as server optimization. Check out and see what its suggestions are.


    When I make the images png, they are bigger than jpg…


    It is a great source, I’ve didn’t seen it before at it is a great source. But I have a question: When I used Rocket Theme’s themes, there was an option to use Gzip, but how may I apply it to my simple theme? Should I use a plugin or is it something to do with server settings?

    Check out this article and try to use tools mentioned in that article to check how you can optimize your website.

    Moreover, there are some wordpress plugins suggested to make your site faster.

    the load time is 1.67s which is great
    and the most greater is you site content ( aslam alikum )

    Thank you very much Yesiler, article was helpful but I have some problems to use gzip at server… is there any easy way to do it from ssh?

    Thanks a lot Oday, I’m glad the page loading time is under 2s. And thanks a lot for content comment ve aleykum salam 🙂

Viewing 11 replies - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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