• If you look for antispam plugins for the Avada theme forms there are not very many solutions available.

    Just this one if you don’t want to use external services in any way (Captcha or SaaS).

    So I tried it.

    But it did not work for the contact template, so I opened up a support thread. First answer in under 1 hour and 24 hours later a new version which has added this missing feature.

    Well done! And thanks again for the fast solution.

    To note a bit more about the plugin:
    -> It hast not very much options, so it should be easy to configure for everyone.
    -> Although it may be does nothing if you don’t configure it, so do not forget to check those settings.
    -> The config is well structured and explained.

    If you want to apply a fast honeypot solution for Avada this is good solution.

    I will check with my client if the outcome (blocking spam) is as good as I hope.

    If yes, 5 stars are deserved!

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