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  • hi,

    I have installed the Fast Secure Contact form plug in. It seemed pretty easy to customize. I have selected to only have one form. The only changes I made from the default is:

    • I added one extra field
    • I placed the labels to the left of the form fields
    • and I have a redirect and a short thank you message via the auto-responder.
    • I have chosen to not use the meeting request feature

    I have no idea why, but a second form (completely default) appears below the one I implemented. It has a different captcha than the form above (not an image based one).

    I have chosen to only have the one form, and when I “preview it” from the FS Options area it shows only the one form there…but on my website I always get two. When the form is filled out, it works…but I can’t leave it with the two forms on the page as it looks pretty silly. If I can’t get this to work soon, I will have to scrap it and go a different way. I donated to the author before implementing the form, lol but maybe I should have waited until I saw it working first. I would like to get it working, since it has some nice features and looks good to boot.

    My site is: here – view the contact page

    Anyone out there have any ideas? Is this a bug? Or some option that I simply can’t find? I have gone through everything, and I can’t seem to find the answer. The options seem pretty straightforward, so I don’t know where this extra form is coming from!

    Thanks in advance to anyone who might have some ideas for me.

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