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  • The Fast Secure Contact Form 4.0 project began in late August 2012.
    Mike Challis hires Ken Carlson temporarily for this project to do the bulk of the programming.
    August – September 2012: Discussion and planning – Mike Challis and Ken Carlson
    October 2012: Programming starts for a brand new Fast Secure Contact Form 4.0

    – add tabs to options section for improved user experience
    – combine standard fields with custom fields (w/ some limits what can and cannot be done to standard fields)
    – use WP settings API for improved security and maintainability
    – write upgrade function to import data from legacy version
    – simplify and clean up the code

    Project overview:
    Phase 1: options menu: create options menu, enter, edit, save and load settings, test
    Phase 2: contact form: update code to display and process contact forms, test
    Phase 3: implementation: write upgrade function, do Beta testing, trouble shooting

    How can you help?
    Donate to the project and contribute ideas

    Version 4.0 dev 1.0 (10/09/2012)
    – new codebase with better use of class structure.
    – new way if navigating multiple forms via a drop down select instead of hyperlinks.
    – the admin settings are now grouped into a jQuery tabbed interface.
    – you can re-order the display sequence of all the fields via a drag and drop interface.
    – button to add a new field anywhere in the form.
    – the standard fields (name,email,subject,message) can now be manipulated and re-ordered along with the extra fields.

    Version 4.0 dev 2.0 (10/30/2012)
    – all options table values are now in the tabs
    – buttons to add a new form and add a new field work
    – backup/restore/copy settings works ftom the Tools tab
    – added a tab for the Preview, which will work once we write the code to display the contact form
    – added a checkbox for an option to have a form field on the same line as a previous field

    Version 4.0 dev 2.1 (11/01/2012)
    – mostly code cleanup, restructuring code design, and bug fixes.

    Version 4.0 dev 2.2 (11/10/2012)
    – added Reset Form function to Tools tab
    – added Delete Form function to Tools tab
    – added Delete Field function (but not for standard fields)
    – added DISABLED message to disabled fields
    – Reset Styles checkboxes now work (need to complete form display module to test this)
    – “Save Changes” now returns to the same tab after saving
    – Check Akismet key checkbox now works
    – added html entities unencoding before saving to database
    – fixed regex syntax error in validate() function (thanks, Mike!)
    – added esc_html to display of form name
    – other minor improvements
    – testing of all of the above

    Version 4.0 dev 2.2.1 (11/13/2012)
    – fixed error: undefined index delete when resetting a form to defaults
    – email field type limited to text or email
    – changed delete form so that Form 1 cannot be deleted
    – added star ratings and version check
    – changed set form to default settings to retain the form name (everything else is changed to the default)
    – corrected invalid html in the instructions for fields (text in blockquote must be in a container such as p or div)
    – reduced the “jump” when the page loads and the tabs are rendered

    Version 4.0 dev 2.2.2 (11/16/2012)
    – restructured some functions to make it easier to implement form display
    – fixed bug that would sometimes assign an incorrect number to a new form
    – implemented changes from newly released v. of the plugin
    – added form name to delete form confirmation dialog box
    – replaced ctf_stripslashes() with stripslashes() or stripslashes_deep() (for inner arrays)
    – implemented update_lang() function
    – form field names must be unique, because they will be used to identify fields
    – fixed invalid html caused by displaying ctf_action messages too early — didn’t display anything in IE 8
    – added internationalization to ctf_action messages displayed via javascript

    Version 4.0 dev 2.2.3 (11/20/2012)
    – changed form rating star style names to avoid conflict w/ WP styles and improve look
    – added esc_attr() to display of form name, to prevent XSS attacks
    – updated and tested uninstall.php
    – fixed bug when deleting a form, then restoring all (didn’t appear in form list)
    – fixed duplicate form field names: two fields were named ‘si_contact_backup_type’
    – returns to the same tab after Save Changes on all three major browsers
    – added new form textarea field to enter options for select/checkbox/radio field types, this will make it much simpler to add options

    Version 4.0 dev 3.0 (12/06/2012)
    – implemented module to draw the form on the web site (submit and reset don’t work yet)
    – all field types display on the contact form
    – set up slugs in fields settings, built from field name, forced to be unique, they are used for HTML field names and optional GET inputs
    – the slugs are now called “Tags” on the settings page
    – tested tags with other languages: works with Chinese and German text
    – fixed several things in the settings section
    – all optional GET query variables seem to work
    – there are no defaults for password, time, or attachment (having one for ‘time’ would be nice?)
    – combined field setting ‘default_text’ with ‘default’ to simplify settings
    – changed input field ‘value’ on contact form: option index or ‘1’ for single checkbox. For multiples: array of indexes
    – added ability to set default for select-multiple and checkbox-muliple in settings with a comma delimited list
    – removed Geekmail from the Options menu
    – Captcha displays properly (can’t test it until process form code is ready)

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  • How can you help with this project?
    Donate to the project and contribute ideas in the Working on a 4.0 version post.

    Do not reply to this post, any questions should be posted in the Working on a 4.0 version post.

    Do not reply to this post, any questions should be posted in the Working on a 4.0 version post.

    Do not reply to this post, any questions should be posted in the Working on a 4.0 version post.

    Version 4.0 dev 3.1 (12/13/12)
    – added submit and reset buttons to the Preview in options menu
    – changed preview to a separate page with a button instead of a tab
    – fixed the problem staying on the correct tab with WP 3.5
    – updated the jQuery ui css to match the jQuery updated by WP 3.5
    – fixed misc. errors

    Version 4.0 dev 3.1.1 (12/20/12)
    – fixed problem with tabs under WP 3.4.2 introduced in version 4.0 dev 3.1
    – added missing </div> at end of contact form

    Version 4.0 dev 3.1.2 (12/31/12)
    – added changes from and 3.1.6
    – fixed problem with form delete function
    – a few other minor improvements

    working on validation and processing

    First off all I have found it very easy to use. just wondering if I could somehow receive the forms submitted as pdf attachments? thanks

    Dear Mike Challis,

    since a few weeks i get a HTTP 500 error when people want to use the contact form. I didn’t chance anything within my site. I am using version with WordPress 3.5.1 (latest version).

    I hope you can help me with this problem.


    A. Cornelisse

    Please do not post questions in the project reports thread. This is not a support topic.

    Please do not post questions in the project reports thread. This is not a support topic. Please start another topic

    Version 4.0 dev 3.1.3 (01/03/13)
    – added changes to improve security

    Version 4.0 dev 3.1.4 (01/05/13)
    Added security changes from Mike
    – esc_attr and esc_html
    – internationalization of options tab labels, etc.

    Version 4.0 dev 3.2.2 (03/08/13)
    Implemented changes from version 3.1.7.x and
    – if there are multiple forms on the page, verified that error messages appear on correct form
    – got captcha check working
    – changed the slug for the name field to ‘full_name’

    Version 4.0 dev 3.2.3 (03/14/13)
    – implemented forbidifnewlines, namecase, and new spamcheckpost
    – implemented attachment validation

    Version 4.0 dev 3.3 (05/01/13)
    – Added code to send the email, do redirects, etc.

    Version 4.0 dev 3.5 (05/18/13)
    – Added code to import settings from old version on new activation
    – Added code to restore a backup from an old version
    – Modified Options restore function to force immediate reload of settings, so the changed form shows up right away

    Version 4.0 dev 3.5.1 (06/15/13)
    – Added bug fixes and code updates from Mike
    – Fixed some bugs in processing of optional shortcode settings
    – Fixed problem of captcha not displaying error messages

    Good work 🙂 When do you release a final? 😀

    Mike Challis


    The beta test will be ready maybe this weekend

    Mike Challis


    recent changes:

    added hidden honeypot field back in (no longer based on time, so cache plugins won’t interfere)

    Fixed and tested all the validations:
    fixed checkbox validation
    fixed double email validation
    fixed extra field type email validation
    fixed subject select validation
    fixed select type validation
    fixed url type validation
    fixed email type validation
    fixed the labels style for checkbox, checkbox-multiple, and radio field types.
    added docx to default attach types
    removed HTML before/after field divs
    optimize html indents when view source
    Editorial change: E-mail is now Email, e-mail is email
    added settings link to Settings menu

    added form display and validate filter hooks

    made a filter hook and example of how to make a trouble ticket incremental number in the subject.
    added a bunch of other hooks and created sample usage examples for later FAQ page.

    cleanup code and fix other bugs

    Getting very close, just have to further test and optimize backup/restore, import functions

    Mike Challis


    added support URL links
    added notice about beta and to submit bug reports to the forum
    added ‘Newsletter’ and ‘vCita Meeting’ tabs
    adjusted save changes buttons locations on fields tab
    relocate some email settings from basic to advanced

    tested ‘contact form to db’ compatible
    tested ‘constant contact newsletter addon’ compatible (requires new version of addon, soon to be released)
    tested form upgrade links
    tested form submitting with any of the standard fields disabled
    tested copy settings
    tested copy styles
    tested backup/restore, from old versions and from restore upload file

    If you had a previous version installed and then upgrade to the 4.xx version, it will automatically try to import forms from the old version (2.5.6 and newer).
    The version 4.xx forms are stored in a different options setting so that it will not erase the settings of older versions.

    Using the Restore by upload tool, you can restore your backed up forms from 2.8 and newer.

    Beta will be out as soon as I can properly package it. Maybe later this week, or early next week.

    Mike Challis


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