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  • Fast Secure Contact Form 4.0 Beta 4 is just released

    Download here:

    Fast Secure Contact Form 4.0 Beta 4 for WordPress

    After one year of hard work, Mike Challis and Ken Carlson have redeveloped the whole WordPress plugin.

    We’re looking for volunteers that currently use our WordPress plugin to test the new 4.0 Beta version. This is hopefully the last beta before release. Please stress test and let us know of any issues.

    Beta testers, please share your feedback on the plugin
    We welcome enhancement suggestions, any errors or issues you encounter.
    Please post them in this support forum.

    Please report any errors or bugs in A NEW TOPIC in this Support Forum.
    Please put BETA with your subject line, give specific details about the issue, steps needed to duplicate, and include a URL to your form page.

    Version 4.0.4 Beta 4 09/24/2013

    Changes since 4.0 Beta 3

    – added a setting on the Advanced tab to enable a “view / print message” button after message sent. This feature will be skipped if the “redirect after the message sends” is also enabled.
    – added vCita Online Appointment scheduler.
    – added a couple more style settings for vCita.
    – integrated vCita with external style CSS feature.
    – added mode Save Changes buttons on settings pages.
    – Optimized default styles some more. To acquire all the new style changes, you have to click the checkboxes to reset the styles on the Style settings tab.
    – Default CSS for ‘labels on top’ is now responsive(note:your theme has to be also).
    – Removed settings for text field size, textarea cols and rows, because this is now controlled by CSS instead.
    – Adjusted CAPTCHA fonts larger.
    – All time field selects default to blank, then you select them.
    – Improved the time validation: if a time field is not required and you select hour but not day, it will fail validation with message: “The time selections are incomplete, select all or none.”
    – the * prefix is really not necessary for single selections in the email, so I removed it,
    – you should only have a ‘ * ‘ separating fields with multiple selected options from now on.
    – Fix bug: time fields now obey required, not required.
    – added new setting to Advanced tab: “Enable to skip names of non-required and unfilled-out fields in emails.”
    – Fix bug: required field checkbox was stuck on required on every field when double email field was enabled.
    – added more ID tags to form HTML.

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Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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