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  • Plugin Author Mike Challis


    Fast Secure Contact Form 4.0 Beta 2 is just released

    Download here:

    Fast Secure Contact Form 4.0 Beta 2 for WordPress

    After one year of hard work, Mike Challis and Ken Carlson have redeveloped the whole WordPress plugin.

    We’re looking for volunteers that currently use our WordPress plugin to test the new 4.0 Beta version. This is a beta build and could potentially have bugs that we don’t know of. Please stress test and let us know of any issues.

    = 4.0 Beta 2 Change log =
    Changes since 4.0 Beta 1:
    Version 4.0 Beta 2 08/30/2013

    Changes since 4.0 Beta 1
    Lots of work on the Style tab:
    Added more style settings for Style of labels, field inputs, buttons, and text.
    Separated style sections into “Alignment DIVs”, and “Style of labels, field inputs, buttons, and text”

    “Alignment DIVs” settings are for adjusting the alignments of the form elements.
    You can also check “reset the alignment” to return to defaults and make the “labels on top” or “labels on left”.

    “Style of labels, field inputs, buttons, and text” are for setting style of the form labels, field inputs, buttons, and text.
    This is a great way to change label or field colors. You can add color:red; any style attributes you want.
    You can also check “reset the styles” to return to defaults.

    Fix bug: The donate box div did not minify.
    Fix bug: The Label CSS and Field CSS field options did not work on all field types.
    Fix bug: max_forms_num could get out of sync when deleting forms.
    Fix bug: setting was ignored “Enable sender information in email footer”
    Fix bug: Custom Label CSS was ignored for checkbox, checkbox-multiple, and radio fields.
    Fix bug: CSS setting ‘labels on left’ messed up checkbox, checkbox-multiple, and radio fields.
    Fix bug: CSS setting ‘labels on left’ messed up HTML before/after form field position.
    Fix bug: Field Label setting for the Reset button adds onclick= to the label.
    Fix bug: When viewing a form preview, changing the form select switches back to Edit mode.
    Fix Bug: Reply-To email header was set to incorrect address.
    “Email From” setting renamed to the more accurate “Return-path address”
    Fixed and added more error label settings.
    Moved “Enable PHP sessions” setting to the ‘Advanced’ tab.
    Split ‘Styles/Labels’ tab into a ‘Styles’ tab and a ‘Labels’ tab.
    Optimize backup file download then test with IE, FF, Chrome, Opera.
    Added form_number to the ‘fsctf_mail_sent’ action hook object array
    Added ‘Domain Protect Settings’ to the ‘Security’ settings tab
    Added setting for “Additional allowed domain names(optional)” to the ‘Security’ settings tab.
    Added show/hide details labels to field settings toggle buttons.
    Added focus to new field with message when adding New Field.
    Added setting: CSS style for form checkbox, checkbox-multiple, and radio labels. (useful to change colors).
    Updated admin and form stylesheets.
    Edited some settings labels.
    More optimized HTML indents when view source.
    Minor UI changes.

    Beta testers, please share your feedback on the plugin
    We welcome enhancement suggestions, any errors or issues you encounter.
    Please post them in this support forum.

    Please report any errors or bugs in A NEW TOPIC in this Support Forum.
    Please put BETA with your subject line, give specific details about the issue, steps needed to duplicate, and include a URL to your form page.

    Have fun!

    Mike Challis

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  • Has a problem in 4.0 Beta 2: after submit ,it show empty page, can not redirect correctly. my website form page

    Resolve the above issue, it is a conflict from another plugin ” Fast Secure Contact Form Newsletter Add-on ” , when I disable this plug-in, the above problem resolved.

    Plugin Author Mike Challis


    Hi Mike,
    Have just installed version 4.02 beta over version 3.1.9 on one site. No problem with the installation, but lost some style settings: width and colour of text field, but now fixed. The interface is easier to negotiate. I see that the text field can still be dragged to the far right side of the screen. I asked about this issue with version about 3 months ago, but did not get any reply.

    Plugin Author Mike Challis


    URL to your form?

    I don’t want to broadcast the URL yet. I tried to contact you via your MCR web site, but possibly the message was blocked.

    Plugin Author Mike Challis


    I am using the beta on my live site now with no trouble.
    I suggest installing the beta, and because of changes in the new beta, click reset to ‘labels on top’ for the alignment divs
    and then click reset “Reset the styles of labels, field inputs, buttons, and text”. This will initialize the new settings on your form.

    It is suggested to only make adjustments to the styles of labels, field inputs, buttons, and text”
    For example, on my site, I only had to add width:300px;
    to these three settings to make all my input fields look the same width:
    Input text fields
    Input textarea fields
    Input select fields

    And I did have to adjust Form Div to width:99%;
    But it make these adjustments based on what you need

    Thanks for the advice. The issue is not really causing much trouble, which is why I did not pursue further previously, First of all it only happens with Firefox and Chrome, but I would like to stop it happening. I will try your suggestions with both versions and advise.

    Plugin Author Mike Challis


    Malae, those settings are only in the 4.0 version, I am not updating 3.xx anymore

    I reset the form on ver. 4.02 and played with the settings again for a couple of hours, but still cannot resolve the issue. I searched for this issue on other forms and found someone else had had the same problem and described it in detail. There was a solution posted that apparently worked for another form, using {overflow:auto; resize:both;}, but I couldn’t find how to apply it to your form. Perhaps you could take a look.

    Plugin Author Mike Challis


    It looks like you would need to add overflow:auto; resize:none; to the Input textarea fields style setting
    You do not need the curly brackets
    Let me know if it worked

    Yes, I was going to try that and you will be happy to know that it works in the beta version. This is installed on a site that is still under development.
    My active site still has ver. 3.1.9 and is more important until I switch to ver. 4. I am happy to report that the code also works here too in the CSS style inside form input fields.

    I love the ability to copy settings from one form to another. Can you add the capability to copy form settings from one site to another site in a multisite installation? That would be a huge help.

    I really, really wish you gave us the option to do away with ALL inline styles and use our own external stylesheet. Whenever I erase values in the Styles tab it just reassigns the defaults rather than clearing them out altogether. It can be a challenge to get a consistent look and feel with custom template styles. I find inline styles rather cumbersome to work with and they add a lot of unnecessary code.

    I also wish there were easier ways to override styles for specific fields. I have a particular radio group that requires unique styling for each radio control. In v3.1.9 there were <span> tags around the input and its associated label, which allowed me to do what I needed, but which seems to have been eliminated in v4. Can you please at least bring these span tags back?

    Thanks for your work on this plugin. I do like how the new interface is organized.

    Plugin Author Mike Challis


    kchayka, thanks for your suggestions. Please refer to a recent topic on the same subject. I proposed a change that will be worked on soon. Keep in mind that I have to have backwards compatibility with users who do not need new features.

    The span tags were removed because they were causing problems where the text would not wrap.

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