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  • Has anyone built for themselves a very stripped down, fast version of the Admin pages?

    Perhaps something very minimal, just post or post/page/images?

    (… and none of those S-U-P-E-R B-I-G F-O-N-T S-I-Z-E-S and big irregular input windows)

    It seems any of the custom Admin themes are just slower and fatter (albeit it pretty).

    Yes, I have a hack around at the pages and css from time to time but I also just interested to see if anyone else shared this same thought.

    When one spends half ones life waiting for admin pages to reload and having to scroll down for what really should not be scroll down necessary, one does start to pine for simple days. I appreciate the clean and pretty backend is a strong seller for neophytes but is there any option for those of us who just want to get on with it?

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    I reckon this is also something that affect netbook users with limited screen resolutions who are left to need to scroll down so many times.

    Can something like the iPhone apps be made to run on Macs or PCs?



    Sorry to bother you, Have you tried the fluency admin plugin? I use this under one of my personal blogs for when I am on the road its super great on my 13 MacBook , I am not sure how it would look on a 12″ or 7″ netbook though ;/.

    Good luck on finding a decent minimal admin theme/plugin, So far iPhone/iPod & iPad apps do not work outside of iOS on a PC or Mac ;/


    Yes, thank you. Fluency is quite nice, and more compact.

    The tabbed sidebar is better than the default scroll down WP one which if you maximize a few tabs makes you have to scroll down too far and too often.

    But I was still look for even simpler, minimalist interfaces.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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