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  • Hi there, I am a wordpress fan, I use it massively for developing blogs and websites. I am looking for a hosting company, cheap, fast, reliable, where I could buy my canadian .ca domain name?
    Could anybody help me. I have already been advised which works just very fine with .com websites (but I don’t want to buy hosting and .ca domain name in 2 different companies).

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  • Are you prepared to pay considerably more for less (space, bandwidth, services, etc.) web hosting? Because that is what you are doing when you restrict yourself to Canadian web hosts. Economies of scale issues.

    Also: .ca domain names confuse Canadians. Say it, print it, advertise, it and they will say still type .com half the time and not find you.

    All that said, if you are still interested, I’ll ask a friend who “had” to go Canadian because the organization’s privacy policies did not permit hosting in the U.S.

    One final note: one of my customers already had a well established .ca web site, so I haven’t changed it. And I have had zero problems with having the domain name registration somewhere other than my web hosting company. In fact, the Canadian domain registrar has the lowest prices and absolutely the most complete set of automated and well documented manual procedures I’ve ever seen for managing domain name registrations, bar none.

    Thanks adiant.

    This time, I do not need to go canadian with the hosting company (as Google positionning is not so crucial), but I need to use my .ca email address very soon.

    1) Isn’t that a problem to use different companies for dns & hosting? (I think I then need to tranfer domain name to the hosting company to use my email for free).

    2) If you know any company that provides fast service for wordpress architecture + .ca domain name (I don’t need a canadian one this time). Once again, is my reference right now, very fast connection.

    (1) The only “technical” advantage to using the same company for both web hosting and domain name registration is that they might set the name servers correctly for you. Otherwise, all it means is: you have to type in the two name servers you get from the registration e-mail for your web hosting into a couple of fields on your domain registration account. Typically, and

    (2) When I was last shopping for web hosting, 13 months ago, of the half dozen or so companies I narrowed it down to, I never found one that also handled .ca domain name registration. As for speed of response, I use a Reseller Account at and their hardware is state of the art: eight Intel Quad processors just for the web server I use. But, I’ve never heard a bad thing about; I didn’t use them because they cost too much to host my 20+ domain names (my customers, etc.).

    I just looked up the .ca domain name registrar that I talked about as being well documented, etc.

    All right adiant, I have just done it with 2 different companies. That seams to be all right.
    I leave this post open as if someone can advise me a fast hosting canadian company with wordpress, that would be very helpful (once again, this is for good local positionning as I heard that might make a difference).

    I’ll also let others comment, as I have no personal experience with their web hosting, which is only a year or so old, but the same (mentioned above for their great .ca domain name registration) now offers web hosting. It is Windows/IIS-based, but they do provide PHP and MySQL on it. And list WordPress as one of the applications they know runs there.

    Sorry. I would have mentioned this earlier, but thought that their Windows platform precluded the running of WordPress on MySQL.

    I strongly disagree that Canadians “confuse” Canadians. Myself, I sooner type .ca for .com when I am looking for a Canadian company.

    For a registrar, I suggest – they offer the cheapest prices at the moment on .ca domains, and their support is great.

    As for hosting, you aren’t “limiting” yourself by choosing Canadian hosts. There are actually benefits to using a Canadian host.. mainly that you will rank better on for Canadian visitors. Canspace offers hosting as well, but you could also look at some of the big guys like godaddy and hostgator.

    I strongly disagree that Canadians “confuse” Canadians.

    Whether it is a minority or majority of Canadian visitors that are confused by you having a .ca instead of a .com web site is a fair question. But the confusion exists to the extent that at least one local Edmonton radio station had to do a huge on-air advertising campaign when they switched their “branding” and went to a .ca web site. Listeners kept typing .com instead and would phone the radio station, complaining that they couldn’t find them. And were losing out on on-air contests and such.

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