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    I am a very cynical person. Knowing that my first reflex is mistrust I wanted to do this as softly as possible. I think one of the helper’s on support is offering help but might be later charging for it.

    I didn’t want to put a member name up and be wrong. My email is [redacted] if there is need to discuss futher.

    Moderators only please.

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    Since mods can see your email anyway, I removed that.

    Strictly speaking … that’s not really against the rules, though it’s not really nice. I would be ALWAYS cautious of people who want you to email them everything for their help. Helping in the forums educates everyone, IMO.

    Moderator kmessinger


    Thanks, Ipstenu.

    They might not be pushing you for payments. Now are they? If you are only willing for free support, there are a lot of people of forums which provide free support. If someone helps you off-forums and asks for money then you can come back here.

    There is nothing wrong in charging for support. Lets take an example.

    You did something which screwed up your site – White screen of death. You are asking on forums. Someone (probably a freelancer developer) respond with the possibility of taking a look at your stuff. But then some other problem creep in, then it would be wrong, to call that person wrong in case he didn’t help, offer the option of paid support. You need to understand how much everyone does for free in open-source communities.

    Considering this as an another example, someone might approach me for a fix, I will guide them but if they keep stumbling on the same issue because they can’t follow instructions, got lost in code etc, then I offer them paid support to do it. There is no point in putting in more & more time when the other person can’t follow exactly. On forums its a different thing, you are helping late visitors who came up searching too but on personal level, it all starts to suck.

    As a nutshell, there is nothing wrong in paid support. You don’t want them, walk out when offered. Its totally justified. Moreover you shouldn’t be trusting everyone who wants to get access to your site to fix it. I am just considering all of this as a possible scenario for justification. I am not in favor of what the topic title says at the moment. 🙂

    I hope I made my point clear without leading things to a debate.

    Moderator kmessinger


    Sorry, I appreciate your input but I did ask for moderators only.
    I am not talking about me. I have relative few problems with WP having used it for several years. I am talking about new people who ask questions and then are told they can be helped by joining someone on SKYPE (and if you are reading this I am talking about you.

    There may be nothing wrong about it but it leaves open the opportunity to take advantage of a newbie, axious to get their site up.

    Lets face it. Some here are a**holes, preditors, snake-oil salesmen. They are sucking people in (in my opinion) and later, sometimes asking for money.

    Need I name names? I will if it continues.

    Sorry, I appreciate your input but I did ask for moderators only.

    You don’t have a right to keep others away but everyone has a right to express.
    If you want to have a private discussion, then there are other channels.

    I understand you have a bad experience but then there is not much which can be done about it. WordPress forums are heavily moderated though. And even if you mention their names, those new people won’t take note of them here and those who will do, are already aware of it.

    Moderator kmessinger


    I understand you have a bad experience but then there is not much which can be done about it.

    My friend, you don’t read what I wrote. I did not have a bad experience. I am only concerned about others.

    If you want to have a private discussion, then there are other channels

    If there are, I would appreciate knowning what they are . . .

    I have been here for some time and I understand the forum.

    Best wishes.

    Moderator Ipstenu (Mika Epstein)


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    Ashfame – I think what kmessinger meant was that if your INTENTION is to lure someone off the forums with the express purpose of asking them for money, then there’s a question of ethics. And while it’s not AGAINST the grain (we don’t have a rule against it here: ) it’s still pretty gauche to, essentially, troll the FREE support forums for profit.

    But if you legitimately are just helping someone out and the rabbit hole gets really deep to the point that you know it’s a for-hire gig, it’s different. Does that make sense?

    And no, we don’t ‘heavily’ moderate the forums. 🙂

    Ipstenu, Thats exactly what I meant.

    And I actually said heavily moderated because whenever I share a solution that I have already blogged about it, the link was moderated. So kinda annoying. bbPress forums is way much better, I help a bunch of people just by sharing links to the same articles again & again 🙂



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    This discussion is probably best on the forums mailing list, if anywhere. I’m going to close this thread off. If you want to discuss the issues further, please subscribe to the mailing list and post about the issue there.

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