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  • It’s a quandary this one. As someone who only uses responsive layouts I found the popular column plugins rather frustrating. They work well with simple shortcode, and from that point of view they’re great. No messy code in your post to deal with, just easy shortcodes.

    However, when you reload the page under a different screen size/resolution, those simple column plugins look awful. They don’t float like they should do (and I mean float as in the html term for floating divs) or stack when the page is reduced in width.

    Advanced WP Columns, on the other hand, handles responsive design well. I’ve done a quick test and compared this plugin with the other, simpler plugins, and for me this wins hands down.

    And to the reviewer who gave this plugin one out of five stars because it doesn’t use percentage width, it does. I can only assume this plugin was updated to accommodate this feature after you wrote your review. I thought it was an unnecessarily harsh review for a great plugin that’s clearly had a lot of work put into it. Fortunately that was for an earlier version of WP, and I’ve tested this on 3.9.1 and it works well.

    Definitely recommend.

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