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  • So I’ve finally managed to make sense of the new theme system, and everybody was right: it does get easier the more you spend time with it 🙂 Anyway, I’m putting my theme Black & White out here for alla you to comment on.. be gentle 🙂

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  • oops… forgot the link >.< it’s

    this is very nice.
    and by the way when you are logged in your link is on the right.

    oh. yeah.. 😛

    Might just be a Safari 1.3 issue, but the search box doesn’t match up with the graphic. Not sure how to word it exactly, but it extends to the left of the graphic. Hope that helps.

    A different look though, especially the header.

    It looks good. Some of the text is a little diffeicult to read, like the red of grey on the sidebar, and the light titles, and to a lesser degree, the blue links in the post bodies, but other than that, it’s a handsome design.
    Oh, one thing I just noticed is the two seperate navigation bars, why have two? Why not just remove the horizontal one and put everything on the vertical at the top? It doesn’t seem to make much sense, especially since some of the links overlap (blog, about) and some don’t.

    nice site, congrats

    Hrm… love the top image. Very nicely made. ^_^ The layout looks very nice to me.

    Although the red text in the sidebar is hard to read and ditto on the menu thing… I’d just leave everything at the top. Or in the horizontal one, vice versa. XD

    Awesome, dude. And a Filipino too… I’m gonna be blog-stalking you now.

    Extremely pleasing to the eye. Will you be releasing it as a downloadable theme for those theme-junkies like me?

    jedyt: reason for the two navigation systems: the horizontal one is for the blog, the one on the header will be for the whole site… i haven’t gotten around to finishing it yet 🙂 the about on top is gonna be about the site, the abot on the horiz will be.. um.. well.. yeah, it does overlap 😛 thanks for pointing out the color issues too.

    miklb: i’ll definitely need to see the site on safari, buit thanks for the heads up.. i don’t know how safari handles css and all, since i had to adjust a few things so that the site’d look the same (almost) in IE and firefox..

    vkaryl: it’s not finished yet but i have a downloadable zip file in the about section 🙂

    thanks all 🙂

    The search bar doesn’t match with the graphic in Firefox as well.

    hmm odd.. i use firefox almost exclusively and it doesn’t show up here. any ideas on what could be wrong?

    FF1.0.3 – looks fine to me….

    Very nice, the choice of the image, and use of textual formatting is brilliant.


Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 17 total)
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