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  • Hello.

    I was asked by my company to test this plugin, with our test account on DIBS. To see if would start offering our customers an “out-of-box” solution for DIBS.

    Sadly the results was dissapointing, and i am just gonna write my observations here.
    I dont expect them to be fixed, but i thought that since i already have written them, you might as well get the feedback.

    There a multiple things as reasons to, why we cant use DIBS easy for WooCommerce plugin, at the current state

    • It changes the checkout completely, and takes over big parts. There is not settings to control this. It is not a solution for our needs.
    • The documentation states, that is prefers there are no other payment methods, and if DIBS is active, it should be the first (so it is pre-selected). That is not logical, and limits the power of WooCommerce. (pickup wont be an option anymore)
    • If there is multiple payment methods and the customer switches between them, the layout changes completely dynamicly. It just looks wierd and is wrong.
    • I havent been able to actually get a payment window. i can se in the console, when debug is on, that amount must be greater than 0. Witch it is. It also means that an order of 0, isn’t an option. Not in Sandbox or live mode have i been able to get the payment window. As far as i have seen, there isnt’ any konfiguation inside DIBS customer area that needs configuration.
      I have tried to find guides, but none of those writes anything about this.
    • I havent been able to test the plugin with WooCommerce Subscriptions, since the payment window havent been initialized.

    Personally, i think it is terrifying how much it forces on the checkout, instead of just using standards. I think there can be a lot of problems whith themes, and plugins extensions, since DIBS for WooCommerce is going there own direction indstead of standards.

    The configuration vas easy but it is not logical to write in live and test keys, when there also is setting to set if live or test should be used.

    Just for the records, this was testet on:
    Wordpress Version 5.0-alpha-43569
    WooCommerce version 3.5.0-dev
    Storefront theme version 2.3.3
    -By using this plugin version 1.3.0

    *(if this review is found on another plugin review page, it was because i got i posted on wrong plugin first)

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  • Plugin Author dibspayment


    Hi Jesper

    Thank you for your constructive feedback! I am sorry to hear that DIBS Easy plugin did not meet your expectations. I can see that this review is months old, I’m sorry for the late reply but here it goes anyway:

    Below I will try to address the things you are mentioning in your review and hopefully shed some light on the Easy solution and the ideas behind it.

    Our Easy solution is very different from other Danish plugins due to the embedded checkout flow. For some webshop owners, they might prefer another setup with a redirection to a payment provider, which is possible on DIBS’ other platform:

    – We have set Easy as the pre-selected checkout option, so the customer’s card and address information will show up. If for example, PayPal is pre-selected, the customers might have a bad experience when they fill in their delivery information and then choose Easy as a payment method, because then they will need to enter their information once again.

    – If your webshop offers PayPal or other payment types, it is supported with a button that can send the consumers to the traditional payment flow. Pickup is still an option and Easy does not limit the shipping options.

    – I am sorry to hear, that you can’t get the payment window up and I don’t know where the problem is located. Easy works both in test and live mode, meaning that a product with a given price can be bought and shown in both WooCommerce Admin and Easy Portal.
    We are of course ready to help you when Easy does not work as expected – or if you have any questions in general. We offer free support:

    – Regarding testing of the plugin with WooCommerce Subscriptions, there is a guide available here:

    With Easy we have made a different kind of checkout with a focus on making the purchases as smooth as possible for the customers with a checkout that remembers their card and delivery information. We are working on a standard payment window as well and we are happy to keep you posted on this feature – just write to and let me know.
    We are always looking for input, so please feel free to contact me with any thoughts.

    I am glad to hear, that the integration was easy after all – this has also been an important focus area for us when developing Easy.

    Kind regards
    Martin Skallerup,
    Nordic Product Manager, DIBS.

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