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  • Plugin worked fine until I upgraded to 2.7 <sigh>.

    Plugin’s author site(s) don’t appear to have been updated in many moons and I found nothing there about any incompatibility issues (or anything else of a curent nature!).

    When I go to add a Q&A and click on the appropriate link to do so, I’m taken to the “Pending Questions” page which is not where that link should go.

    Anyone else experiencing the same? Any hacks to fix it in lieu of waiting on the author to surface?

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  • Wow!! I’m the only one in the universe experiencing this problem with FAQ-Tastic?? Hmmmm. Come on…talk to me. I need a friend.

    Yes, I just found the same thing when I tried to add a question. I can’t get there! Maybe they want us to upgrade to pro???

    Which is cheaper? Having a local php guy hack the plugin to get it working or pay for the Pro version??

    I get the feeling from his website and the flavor of a couple of forum posts that the plugin author has gone awol???

    Anyone know anything specific about that?

    It seems abandoned. I wrote them about a year ago to say I’d be happy to purchase the PRO version, but no response and the PRO page on their site never got completed. So I doubt they are continuing this one.

    I cannot get it to work with 2.7 either. Bummer, this is the 2nd FAQ plugin I was content with to ‘disappear’. Neither of them being open source so nobody can continue development it seems…

    Wonderful. Anyone know of another plugin to use?? (I can’t find one…)
    Or any Plan C’s??

    I’m lucky, I’m just building my site so I only had one FAQ question. For now I’ve created an FAQ on a regular page.

    I have a backup of the FAQs, but same thing. Was just on the phone with a client, explaining what to click to modify a FAQ… boy do I feel stoopid.

    Anyone have an idea of which FAQ addins have the same capabilities?

    I’ve searched until my fingers are bleeding and I can find NOTHING at all as far as other plugins that do the same thing.

    I’m currently paying a programmer to either update the existing plugin file so that it works with 2.7, or write another just like it from scratch. Compatible with 2.7, of course.

    Should be done in a couple of days. We’ll see.

    I’m in the same boat as you guys. I’d love to see FAQ-Tastic made compatible with wordpress 2.7 (even if I had to pay for it). It is simply the best plugin to manage FAQ’s on a wordpress blog and I don’t know where I’d be without it..

    @altstatten – Keep us posted as to know how you go with updating the current FAQ-Tastic plugin or if you build another similar from scratch. 🙂

    My programmer tells me he finished step 1 today (getting it to work with 2.7) and he’ll be adding another little goodie I wanted to add to it, tomorrow, then off for a few days and finish up by next Tuesday. I’ll letcha know.

    Okay, boys and girls. Here’s a working version of FAQ-tastic, compatible with WP 2.7. Make sure you deactivate your prior copy of it before you do anything with this one. I paid someone to fix it for me since the original author hasn’t publicly responded in well over a year.

    You can download the FAQ-Tastic plugin for WP 2.7 right here.

    You can download the FAQ-Tastic plugin for WP 2.7

    Alas that fix is for FAQ-Tastic version 0.9. It does not work with the latest version available on the original author’s web site (1.0.7). Is the 0.9 release available anywhere?

    BTW, I see on the author’s old web site that FAQ-Tastic was released with a Creative Commons NC-SA license, so theoretically anyone could take it over.

    There don’t seem to be any other FAQ plugins, but for a simple FAQ, the Collapsible Elements plugin is an alternative. It’s not perfect, but should suffice for me.

    May be, but I never had 1.0.7 anyway. It works.

    Alstatten could you upload a zip file for us w/ the old version? You could just zip your faq-tastic directory from the website. I’d be happy to donate 5 or 10 bucks towards your programming fee for a working copy of faq-tastic – it’s amazing to me that there are no other faq programs for WordPress.

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