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  • Does anyone know of a FAQ plugin? I would think it would retain questions in a database and then display them in a page. Also it would have sidebar tags to list FAQ categories.

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  • Katie1,

    I’ve fixed the errors that you reported, please get the latest version.


    I’ve fixed the error with the Awaiting Approval screen.
    I’ll see about your js error.

    Please get the latest version.


    ONE of your JS problems is with your theme.
    Edit the header.php and place this right before the </head>:

    <?php wp_head(); ?>

    That’ll get the JS in the header.

    the OTHER problem is that your wordpress is installed in path/wordpress, but you’re accessing it via /.

    I’ll have to add an option to allow you to set the wordpress installation directory.

    thank you VaamYob. I’ve added the <?php wp_head(); ?> to my theme header already 🙂

    thanks, will wait for your newer one before I upgrade it. 🙂

    Wait no longer !

    Once you upgrade, you’ll see a new FAQ Option, in YOUR particular case (most everyone else can just use the default)
    You would use:

    thank you so much VaamYob!

    Everything works beautifully now 🙂

    Just a question, by assignment a category to it, it doesn’t affect the wordpress default categories at all right?

    thanks again 🙂

    it doesn’t affect the categories at all (counts etc).

    Ohhh. okay 🙂

    Oh and I realise when I put codes like this inside my faq answer

    <table><tr><td>Submit Box</td><td>Submit Box</td></tr></table>

    I use an auto code escaper plugin btw which works but not when the code is inside the faq page, the code still got converted into html. Any idea?

    Oh and for no reason, I didn’t changed any files or anything, but the categories I set all changed back to one of the category.. meaning all the questions have the same category all of a sudden and when edit one, all changed at the same time. Is this a bug or something? It worked before but all of a sudden, it’s like that, I didnt change or update anything.

    Great plugin.

    Two things that I would love to see.

    In the admin section, where you choose a category for the question. Could that be changed to sort by Category Name? It looks like its sorting by ID value currently?

    Also, and this one might be harder and not useful. But a way to order the questions. Currently it looks like the recent questions go at the top.

    I’m not sure how that bug got introduced. I’ve fixed it in the latest version.

    Now sorting categories by name.

    Awesome. Thanks for that change.

    It makes it so much easier to find a category to place a question in now.


    I don’t change html tags, so if you were to put:


    in the answwer, it would show up in the HTML as:


    I’m not sure how that plugin works, so I don’t know where the issue is.


    I looked at your site’s FAQ. I don’t think you realise that html is not allowed in the question. This is a security feature to prevent XSS holes.

Viewing 15 replies - 61 through 75 (of 128 total)
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