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  1. Barbie2274
    Posted 9 years ago #

    K, I muttled through installing with no problem, then pulled my hair out making my own custom template...not really knowing what I was doing, got it to look the way I want, all is working fine, my only problem is I didn't realize that the directory it asked me to install to would be my "blog name"....I just chose "mydomain/blog" so, then I found/followed these instruction to rename...

    1. login admin > Options > General
    2. Change the 2 URI values to the new name
    3. Update options (you'll get a 404 but don't worry)
    4. Do NOT try to view your blog in a browser!!!
    5. FTP > and rename the folder
    6. Now you can enjoy your blog with the new name

    whoo hoo...all is still fine/working...

    BUT...now in fantastico it says Only manual upgrade possible because, I assume because it is pointing whatever to "blog" which no longer exists.... is there an easy fix for this so that I can update w/fantisco?

    i.e. a way to change the directory name that fantisco is looking for?

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