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    Before i use it with google translate and think i just have to save page and translatepress will save all the translated page, but no.

    First i test the free plugin and i think it’s work well, because i translate website, save articles, delete caching and i see the translation ok.

    But be careful because have another caching, i don’t know where, who keep your page, like they are translated, but after (i don’t know how many week), you discover than only some part of text are translated.

    Or perhaps it another problem who delete part of translated text.

    Then first i don’t know that, i buy pro version, use more of my free credit in google, take many week to translate big website and finally discover after (i don’t know how many) day /week, long time after i stop using google translate, than only some part of my article are translated.

    Then i spend money with pro plugin and google translate price for a website with article partially translated (50 / 60%).

    the only choice i have is make translation by myself, check all articles and correct untranslated paragraph, but this will take many month or find another solution, with possibility to translate complete page, who will be more easy and quick.

    I just loosing many time and money for website partially translated.

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    • This topic was modified 9 months, 1 week ago by  Pierre236.
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    • This topic was modified 9 months ago by  Pierre236.
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  • Plugin Author Georgian Cocora


    Thank you for the review !



    And guys, that’s it??? “Thank you for the review” 🙂

    Don’t you want to elaborate on what the problem might be and how it could be avoided?
    Looks there is a major deficiency in the plugin and every user might get the same problem, no?

    Plugin Author adispiac



    What you’re describing shouldn’t happen. TranslatePress is storing the translated content in your database, so it shouldn’t be lost.

    If you change/update any of the strings in the meantime, you have access to translation memory, so you can easily map the updated string with the old translation.

    We’re happy to investigate further and get to the bottom of this. Did you open a support ticket here describing your issue?


    What you’re describing shouldn’t happen

    It’s old message, your support investigate allready and they can do nothing.

    I lost months of work and money.

    You paid me back but I had to pay google translate too.

    This is still my worst experience with a wordpress plugin.

    Your plugin is made for small sites or large sites that can afford to pay google translate every month.

    Now i use another plugin.

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