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  • techsavvyeducator


    I have been using Webba booking plugin for about 9 months. Before starting using it, I reviewed almost all available plugins in this category by putting their pros and cons in an excel sheet. The excel sheet showed me that Webba booking was superior in many aspects. Then I tried the demo of different functionalities of the booking on their website and it was very helpful. Next, I installed the free plugin and used it for a couple of days. Then I purchased the pro version as I needed more functionalities. I even bought a license for three websites as I wanted to expand my business (it hasn’t happened yet though). I have been very satisfied with Webba booking and it has been very helpful to my business. The developers have included almost everything you can think of about a booking system in their plugin. I did not think that I may need any support when I purchased the plugin, but it turned out that I needed. They have been very quick in responding to my requests. They are very open to feature requests and have added a few features further to my requests. I wanted to write a review about this plugin very early after purchasing it, as I was very satisfied with it. Unfortunately, I was very lazy about this, especially because of the need to create an account with for writing an review. However, because of receiving a lot of value in this plugin and their support, eventually I took the time to write this review as a small appreciation to the developers. My suggestion to those who have doubts about this plugin is using the approach I used. First, compare similar plugins in an excel sheet, then use the demo on their website. Next install the free plugin and eventually buy the pro version if needed. It is a very small investment that will lead to great returns in your business. I am certain that you will not be disappointed. Keep up the great work the Webba booking team!

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