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  • So simple to set up, plenty of options, easy to understand instructions, cleanly coded, this really is one of the nicest plugins I’ve ever seen.

    Beyond this, the developer has made the free version powerful enough for anyone to use for simple things, without intrusive advertising.

    This is a wonderful business model. Open and honest.

    It makes me feel trust when I see that the free version is such a lovely thing, and isn’t trying to shove or push me to do or buy more.

    Once you see what the premium addons can do, well, you will simply be blown away!

    (note to the developer: I searched and searched and searched for this plugin. I looked at many others, all of them just not good enough, or not what I wanted. The reason I didn’t find this one straight away, is because you don’t seem to have added tags with the main search terms people might use to find plugins in WP…? I think a lot more people would find it if it was better tagged).

    Thanks very much for making this available to the community, it is excellent.

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  • Plugin Author dcooney


    Wow! Thanks for the great review!

    Which terms were you searching for when you first set out to find a plugin like mine?

    well, initially I just typed in “Ajax”, and you only show up on page 3.

    I also tried Ajax scroll (and you are only in the 10th slot on page 1)

    However, you can try any of the following:

    ajax paging

    ajax pagination

    ajax infinite scroll (better, but still only slot 7)

    ajax scroll (11th)

    load more (3rd)

    pagination (gave up, no results in first 5 results pages)

    I think you can simply add tags to your plugin page as the author, right?

    Some general feedback

    As a regular WP site developer, the things I always look for when it comes to “free” plugins are:

    How often updated. Not for the sake of updating, rather just to be kept current with latest WP. (I’m also pretty sure that if your tags match some other plugin, but yours is certified compatible with latest version of WP and theirs isn’t, then you will slot ahead of them in the search results).

    How many unresolved support tickets. Unclosed tickets are an indication that the developer is not serious about the future of the plugin, or is not engaged with his/her users.

    If the developer has a premium offering, because I think this adds to their motivation to develop further. A good developer always gives enough to make people happy, but is clever enough to withhold some of the really useful addons that people who understand their true usefulness won’t mind paying for.

    I hate pushy advertising in the admin, because good products sell themselves.

    Obviously the most important thing of all, is that the plugin does exactly what it is described to do.

    In my book, you have ticked pretty much all of the boxes!

    So the only thing I can say is that it’s a pity I didn’t find the plugin sooner! haha 🙂

    Bit of keyword tagging will help others find you more easily, I’m sure.

    (you might need to hire an intern to deal with the increase in interest, as I suspect you might begin see a lot more of it)..

    (p.s, maybe worth tagging 1 or 2 keywords for your premium offering too? Like “Ajax caching”. I guess you don’t want to go too tag crazy, or you end up diluting the actual offering). Good luck with the future, I think you have a winner here.

    Plugin Author dcooney


    Cheers thanks,
    I can confirm I have most of those tagged in the readme but i think the issue is not being able to improve ranking after its submitted. Im not sure how WP ranks the listings.


    This might help:

    This bit here:

    Note that the readme.txt of the stable tag is the one that is considered the defining one for the plugin, so
    if the /trunk/readme.txt file says that the stable tag is 4.3, then it is /tags/4.3/readme.txt that’ll be used
    for displaying information about the plugin. In this situation, the only thing considered from the trunk readme.txt
    is the stable tag pointer. Thus, if you develop in trunk, you can update the trunk readme.txt to reflect changes in
    your in-development version, without having that information incorrectly disclosed about the current stable version
    that lacks those changes — as long as the trunk’s readme.txt points to the correct stable tag.

    If no stable tag is provided, it is assumed that trunk is stable, but you should specify “trunk” if that’s where
    you put the stable version, in order to eliminate any doubt.

    Currently you have no tags showing up in WP at all

    Plugin Author dcooney


    Sure I do.
    At the bottom

    I think I need to adjust my descriptions to target keywords better.

    Oops, I really don’t know how I missed that.. Sorry! 🙂 Feel like I wasted your time now, but that doesn’t change the fact the plugin is superb!

    Plugin Author dcooney


    No no worries! You actually got me thinking about how to increase my ranking on the .org repository. I focus on SEO but maybe more time should be spent getting higher in the plugin listing.


    Sure.. I guess since plugins is a search engine, this is SEO, just a lot more localized that the traditional “Google” type of SEO.

    With new(ish) WP, now we get all the plugins showing up in our own dashboard.

    When did that start, was it 3.6.ish?

    The plugins themselves tend to show up in the same order in our own Admin when searching, as they do in the repository search, and actually this conversation has now got me thinking too!

    I don’t know enough about it in terms, and I guess there must be additional parameters like how many downloads, how many positive ratings, and I guess how many tags are the same as the actual keywords in the description..

    I haven’t published any plugins yet, but I think my skills are gradually getting good enough that I might put something out fairly soon, and this stuff is good to think about..

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