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  • Thank you for this plugin. Donated to you and hope you keep up good work on this plugin. Gives me great insights on how hackers try hacking. I see them through your logged 404’s and redirects what they try. Thankfully I am savvier than most WP users who leave backups and old files on their server where hackers seek it.

    You really should consider warning people via some content SEO optimized posts on your blog [and on Medium etc high authority and well-ranking sites] on how to not leave such files around root [or to use a backup plugin that’s secure and smart and for cpanel backups to name them like BackupBuddy does with complex long mix of letters and numbers if they must leave a cpanel backup in root], never leave old versions of files hanging about or backups or old.php kind of things a typical support from hosting company or a webmaster who’s unaware of seccurity needs tend to do] and how to use security plugins to harden security. I think your plugin helps with this to some extent and publishing insights from such hack attempts makes one aware of it.

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    Hmm, my bad, donated to another who asked for it and cannot find how to do the same for you! Add a and ask and yee shall receive.

    Plugin Author Aaron


    Thanks TekGirlyMama!

    I hesitate to add any “security” features for fear that people will keep asking for more security features afterwards. So I’m currently hiding behind the excuses of “that’s out of the scope of this plugin” and the “there are already some security plugins that do that.”

    If you want, you can donate to It’s not necessary though.

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    Thank you for speedy reply and great to hear you are not a needy developer!

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