• I’ve been using this plugin for years and it’s been working perfectly.
    I really enjoy the ability to keep working on a website while it’s out for maintenance, and let either everyone on our network to do so (useful when testing from various clients such as PCs, iPad etc) or selected testers from outside our organisation (different IP address) to access it as well.
    The new 1.8.1 version has a handy feature that allows to add the current IP address with a single click, which is useful as our host doesn’t give us a fixed IP, so I have to do this everytime I’m about to switch maintenance mode on.
    The plugin is great when initially designing a site, before it’s open to the wider public but we need to allow access to a few usewrs to test it/provide feedback, and it’s still very useful when we have to take the site off for maintenance, for example when we moved hosting recently.
    It also provides various ways to customise the “maintenance” message, from super quick and easy to more sophisticated.
    I needed support recently as there was a minor glitch on a new release, and it was explained and fixed right away.
    Overall, it’s a great plugin, with great support, and it’s free.
    Many thanks to the author for taking the time to maintain it and for sharing it with us.

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