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    I came across the plugin quite by chance and I must say that I find it incredibly good. Just the possibility to install it and then add animations to all image, paragraph or heading blocks is just awesome. And although there is a Pro version, you can also get very far with the free version. Dear plugin author: Thank you for creating this wonderful plugin. I hope you can keep it up to date so that many more can benefit from it.

    Edit: 05.02.21: I created my whole page now with this Plugin and have to say that it´s not only godlike because of all the animation stuff (which really is fantastic and I wonder why not more people use this Plugin with Gutenberg. I just can´t find another Plugin with nearly the same animation functionality without the need of coding), it also works very very well with responsibility. I create a site, put a kinetic wrapper in, put a row layout in and it looks amazing on Desktop and only needs slightly changes for mobile. I love it. Its at least as good as “Stackable Plugin” in this case plus the animations.

    So again: A great Thank you to the Author! You did wonderful work.

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