• Gutenberg takes a little bit of getting used to, but after some initial frustration I’m getting there.

    Then enter Caxton, and it changes everything!

    Pre-determined layouts are super-handy and enable you to instantly create a multi-column or multi-block nested layout with tons of options.

    Love the typography feature which adds Google Fonts to a block (although, some fonts display on the back end but not the front… something to look into, Jamie?)

    Caxton’s button options are far superior to Gutenberg’s very basic options (which don’t even work – button colours are output in the back end but not the front, for some reason, but Caxton’s options work brilliantly).

    The slideshow is mostly great (saves adding yet another plugin, although Pootle Slideshow is also good if you’re using Pootle Pagebuilder) – but could do with some little tweaks to allow you to select your slide image’s current dimensions for the width and height instead of Caxton’s weird numbering system (currently slide images seem a bit too zoomed in or zoomed out – can’t get them to display at exactly the proportions of the original slide image, but this is a very minor niggle).

    Overall – absolutely fantastic and very deserving of a 5* rating! 🙂

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  • Actually, I do have a suggestion too… could a future release include the option to put a custom menu into a block? This would be really handy, thank you 🙂

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