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  • polmother


    Been around wordpress a long time. Have seen valuable plugins and plugins that make you wonder what they are for.

    This plugin is not only valuable it is simply fantastic. It helps keep people on your site. How?

    Usually after a person reads a blog and leaves a comment they are redirected right back to the same page. People get bored and don’t like to do too much on their own, so they leave your site.

    You can use this plugin to redirect people after they leave a comment to a further informational post or even another post you think they will be interested in. That one move can also help with SEO.

    You can use the redirect to send your visitor to a free offer for leaving a comment (reward) or even a paid offer.

    This plugin adds versatility to your site. That is how I rate plugins I use: versatility, easy to use, and support.

    The author of this plugin is very, very supportive.

    A plugin without support is no plugin at all – in other words not one that I use for very long.

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