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  • I am at the point that I want to delete this plugin, although it is easy to work with and seems to have a lot of potential. It is impossible for me to get the email function to work. I made a survey and everything is fine (although I would like to work with css directly) but when I add a button for the email the filled in survey is not send to the email, but just a blanco form. This is highly annoying because I put so much time already in that function. I like the fact that it’s free and would pay a fee when it works but at this point I really have no clue without support. Does anyone have an idea or can give me a hand here?

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  • Hi,

    I notice you are still using the Jazzy Form. I was able to get the email working like so:

    First in the elements section of Jazzy forms add and then save the following elements:

    Please enter your details below to receive an email quotation:

    Text area
    Title: My name:
    ID: name

    Text area
    Title: My email:
    ID: email

    Email button
    Title: send
    ID: send

    Then save and go to the email tab and insert into the fields:

    To: {{name}}; <{{email}}>
    From: {{email}};
    Subject: Your quotation

    Then in the message window you can include:

    Dear {{name}}

    We are pleased to submit the following quotation based on your specified requirements:

    -insert your summary and output codes here using text, and place all IDs inside pairs of {{}}-

    Good luck!

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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