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  • I recently upgrade from 3.4 to 3.5.1 and everything seemed to work well; however, after ~3 days, one php page on my site that uses a custom fancybox jQuery slider has gone completely blank. The header and default background will render and nothing else. I have traced the problem to 2 possible sources:

    1.) Inspecting the HTML, the page only loads up to a seemingly random img tag that calls some php that appears to resize the background image based on the display size but nothing loads after img src=” even though the browser says its done loading.
    I don’t suspect the php referenced in the img tag is the culprit though because the code was exactly the same before the upgrade

    2.) In upgrading from 3.4 to 3.5.1, no php files in my theme were touched. I couldn’t seem to fix the problem and I was still weary that the update caused the crash, so I rolled back to 3.4 by restoring my backed up files via ftp. After this replacement, wordpress still prompted me to update my databases so I did as I didn’t have any other choice.
    I checked the page under the pages section where instead of an editor, there is a Slides box. This Slides box used to contain all the content for the jQuery slider but now there is only the word “Slide” and no way to edit anything.

    Since page content is managed in the databases, maybe the wp database update crashed it? Can anyone please help? This is a critical part of my website, any assistance would be appreciated!!


    Theme: Toolbox 0.1

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