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  • I’m normally here under the name Boo_77 and I own

    This morning when I went to my site, it said it was owned by a group of hackers whom I have found boasting about their work on facebook.

    I have NO IDEA where to start. They’ve changed my wordpress password so I can’t get in to wordpress dashboard.

    I don’t know enough about using my c/panel (through hostIcan) to even find what they have done and I have as yet to be contacted from the place I bought the domain name from.

    I did however do a full site back up about 4 days ago so I have a fresh back up if that could help me. But I would need to be pointed in the right direction to reinstall a new backup as I’ve never done this before and don’t know if it will even FIX the problem. I also update wordpress to the latest version THROUGH the dashboard.

    Please tell me, where do I start??

    also, I saw here when I tried to log in through my old account that there was a forced password change and I’ve recently moved and changed email addresses. So how do I get back in to my OLD account if the password will get sent to an old account I have no access to??

    I’m so lost!!

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  • Yes, a full backup will help you. One thing you should know is how to find your way back to your host control panel (maybe cPanel). Can you login to you host control panel now, perhaps its called cPanel? You must change any specific database related to your wordpress login access (e.g. username, password and email address). And delete suspicious files on the root. Hope this help. 🙂

    Thanks for your reply.

    I have been able to access my cpanel but I’m a little suss about it. It takes about four attempts to get in and then it tells me that “discover” is an invalid username or something. It also has this in the top box where I have not noticed it before. I very rarely go there unless to do my back ups. I have tried contacting them but they are an American based company and I am in Australia so I think I’ll have to wait a little to get a response.

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    I have no idea what any of that means. I had no idea there was so much of it!

    OK I tired to change the passwords in my cpanel and I also got to change the email address as well. But I could not find a place to change the username which you also listed as something to change.

    Now that I have done that, I can still access my cpanel but if I try to go in to myPHPadmin it comes up with invalid username and wont load. Which means I can’t follow the next step of reinstalling my latest backup download.

    I know this is a huge issue and I can be considered a newbie. As I said previously, I only go there to do my back ups and I know nothing about code so I may have to be walked through this step by step and it may take some time so I would really appreciate it if someone could do this with me step by step.

    I have yet to be replied by either hostican as my host or by crazydomains where I own the domain name for the next two years.

    It seems that everything I do (I had tried to remain calm as asked in the codex for hacked sites, and I tried to change the passwords and what not and it just seems that everything *I* do leads me further in to trouble.

    I’m so upset that these people have done this to my site. It’s a simple family blog where I record daily events and have photo’s. It’s a living photo album. It means nothing to them but I do it for my kids and it upsets me that I may have lost it all because of these people having fun.



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Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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