• Hi Erik, at the moment I am getting a lot of honeypot false positives. Like these

    Spam log: data_mismatch: Version mismatch ” != ‘0.6.2’; bot_fingerprint_extras: activity 0, mouseclick_activity, mousemove_activity, webgl, webgl_render; honeypot: name, zip, ship-address

    I am sure this email wasn’t spam. And so there are more.

    Any ideas?

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  • Plugin Author Erik


    ciao @wendihihihi,
    Looks like the CF7-Antispam script isn’t enabled or isn’t working correctly… can you check the developer tools js console in order to check if there are some message related to that?

    Thread Starter Wendihihihi


    Hi Erik. I got this message.

    index.js:1 wpcf7 is not defined.
    (anonymous) @ index.js:1

    It doesn’t go away after refreshing the cache. Any thoughts?

    Hi Erik, I came across this old code in a post you made two years ago:

    [file fileuploader filetypes:jpg id:uploader] <img id=”preview” src=”#” /> <script> var uploader = document.getElementById(‘uploader’); uploader.addEventListener(‘change’, (event) => { var binaryData = []; binaryData.push(document.getElementById(‘uploader’).files); if (binaryData) preview.src = window.URL.createObjectURL(binaryData[0][0]); }); </script>

    It’s about image upload preview before submission. Would it be possible to implement this inside a WPForm? I know you created something similar for Contact Form 7, but I’m interested in doing it with WPForm.

    Any help would be appreciated!”

    Plugin Author Erik


    @wendihihihi, that is very strange since the wpcf7 window object should be always available (if you have cf7 plugin active and enabled obviously).

    Looks like something related to contact form 7 or even to WordPress… let’s make some tests:

    in the devTools console can you type?
    the return value is: contact-form-7/v1 ?

    can you reach the wordpress rest api?
    👆replace mywebsite with the website url which has the issue.

    disabling the plugin solve the issue?

    have you tried to google “WordPress: Contact Form 7 Fallback Json Problem” and see if that one is the reason?

    @lcastilloh – please if you need some kind of help please open a new issue in the related forum and cite me using the @ . this is not the place, and sincerely never used wpforms, I don’t have a good opinion of it but if I can help you I will gladly do so.

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    Thread Starter Wendihihihi


    Thanks for the suggestions, Erik, found the problem.

    In my functions.php I used

    //use contact form 7 scripts and styles only on the contact page
    add_filter( ‘wpcf7_load_js’, ‘__return_false’ );
    add_filter( ‘wpcf7_load_css’, ‘__return_false’ );

    I think after the last CF7 update, you cannot use it anymore.

    Plugin Author Erik


    Looks like related to that, https://github.com/rocklobster-in/contact-form-7/issues/1417 or something similar…

    In the next version i should conditionally load the scripts so, since I will also check for the existence of window.wpcf in global object, I don’t think this problem will occur any more.

    in any case thanks for the report! 🚀

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