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    i constantly get “File appears to be malicious: wp-content/plugins/wp-filebase-pro/ ….” messages.

    the plugin author once claimed that this is a false positive, but wordfence still considers the files as malicious. i checked them several times as “to be ignored until file changes”, but the warnings still come up.

    the plugin author does not seem to do much support anymore. can you help me clearing this issue? i could send the latest version of the plugin.


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  • If the plug-in author is not doing much in terms of supporting the plug-in any more, it’s likely you should consider dropping its use. Without continued support, a plug-in may become open to security issues or other incompatibilities with future WP updates.

    Note: I’m not with WF support, just a long-time user.

    thanks, you are right, but it’s sometimes not so easy to change a plugin.
    and wp-filebase pro is a really excellent plugin by the way with a professional looking website: up to now i had no other problems than a conflict with wordfence because of base64 encoding, which is used for masking licence information (as i was told)

    In that case it’s probably safe to ignore the error as a false positive (and worry about other things!) 🙂

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    The Wordfence scan can be more trouble than it’s worth. Under Wordfence/Options/Exclude-Files-From-Scan, simply block scanning of that entire plugin directory and see if that eliminates your false positives. And-or, use wildcards to get a broader match on the file names you’re trying to block from scanning. Also, try unchecking all the scan options, then repeat scan while enabling scan options one at a time as perhaps one of the Wordfence scan settings is getting triggered. And as Bluebear says, worry about other things… which in my opinion would mean worry about being proactive, doing good backups and good defense, with scanning as a reactive process that wastes your time and energy. MTN

    thanks a lot for your support!
    I’ve found also an old thread regarding this matter:

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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