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    My update notifier shows that I have 1 update, but when I click on Updates, it shows that WP, my themes, and my plugins are all up to date. I have tried reinstalling WP, deleting the _site_transient_update_core row from the database, refreshing my caches, but nothing makes this notification go away. Any ideas on how to fix this problem?

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  • What is it showing an update for, wordpress, a plugin or the theme? You should be able to tell by the icon shown on the lefthand side menu in the admin area.

    If it’s showing an update for a plugin that’s already upto date, the data you refererred to deleting wouldn’t have helped, it would only have helped if the update was in relation to WordPress itself.

    Additionally, how did you update, whenever that last was, manually or using the auto-update?

    The update is supposedly for a plugin, since the 1 shows up next to the Plugins menu on the left. None of the individual plugins show an update option, however. Is there another transitory row that should be wiped to clear this notification?

    I almost always use the auto-update, so I believe that is what I did the last time I had any updates to make.

    Correct, there are additional transients for plugins and themes, try clearing out the plugin transient, similarly named to the core transient, _site_transient_update_plugins or _site_transient_plugins, or something along those lines(i can’t recall specifically).

    I actually went so far as to delete ALL transient settings in myPHP and it did not fix the error. What did fix the error was deactivating and then reactivating Ajax Edit Comments, Version and then the erroneous update went away.

    Strange, glad you were able to track down the source of the issue nonetheless.. 🙂

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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