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  1. JMHirst
    Posted 9 years ago #

    Last question for me tonight (had a great WordPress learning weekend and this must be my last before my head explodes!!)

    I've transferred my hard-coded web pages in the WordPress pages now, and within the heirarchy of the pages I have the following...

    Project --> Torched Turf --> About

    The database and permalink for the different abouts are naturally covered because they have a unique ID, but when I'm viewing my pages on a stats system, there doesn't appear to be a way of telling the difference between the 'blog' about and the 'torched turf' about.

    Likewise when I look at my browser history, I have two instances of "About" but I can't tell which is which.

    I could of course rename the page to "Torched Turf - About", but of course this appears on my pages list as the full page name. Seeing as I have about 5 pages all children of the "Torched Turf" parent, each and every one of these start with the words "Torched Turf - " which looks really stupid.

    The page-slug for the latter is indeed "torched-turf-about" and the page-slug for the blog is simple "about".

    I 'could' capture the permalink of the page and report on this, but trying to remember all the page numbers is a bit much!

    Any of you experts think of a way around this?

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