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    I (as admin) have been unable to created a new user. The username is more than 4 characters, but it is being rejected with the error message “Username must be at least 4 characters.” I then switched to a different browser (from FF to Chrome). I cleared the browser cache on Chrome, and on the first try on Chrome I got the same error. Since the username is more than 4 chars, I have no way to correct this. Since I switched browsers entirely, it cannot be a browser cache issue. I cleared the cache of Chrome before starting anyhow, just to be sure. Desperately need help on this. Anyone know? I either need to get this working, or find a plugin or script that allows me to actually create users.

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  • I also need to be able to create users who have a dash (hyphen) in their username.

    I have searched for a plugin to tweak the restrictions on usernames. No luck yet.

    I found a script someone posted a year ago, but the topic is closed, and the thread does not say where to place the script. Can anyone help me?

    I seem to have found an issue that let me solve this. Long ago, in my search to address the restriction that prevents dashes, I had installed a plugin called “Network Username Restrictions Override.”

    I was unaware that it had a settings page, and it seems that installing it without adjusting its settings, may have been my current issue.

    I found the link to edit its settings, did that, and now I can add members, and can even add usernames that have hyphens.

    Hope this helps someone else.

    same problem here but your solution didn’t work.
    deleted said plugin but still cannot create any users.
    always getting the warning about 4 characters long user names.

    any other suggestions?

    yes, user registration and blog creation is both allowed.

    My solution was not to delete the plugin but to use it properly.

    Fixed my problem by deleting both plugins: and

    one of those must have fixed the problem.

    @ DougJoseph: Not sure how to understand your comment. Did you read mine? I said:

    same problem here but your solution didn’t work.

    I misunderstood. I gathered an implication that you thought my solution was to delete the plugin. Glad you found a way to make it work.

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